Food I miss from home- how about you?
Posted by Chad (+1761) 15 years ago
I'm from the best of both worlds- born in North Dakota, raised in California. Explains a lot, doesn't it! There are a few foods I always pick up when I go back to the coast to visit, tonight my stomach is growling because I skipped dinner and I'm hungry. I was thinking about what I'd like to have and I came up with a short list of things I can't find here in Miles City:

It's It Ice Cream Sandwiches- these are the tastiest chocolate covered oatmeal cookies filled with pure vanilla ice cream; they're made in The City.

Fresh chorizo and eggs with fresh tortillas. A Latino breakfast standard, spicy sausage scrambled with eggs, you eat it with your fingers and pieces of tortilla.

Fresh Artichokes- right out of the field, steamed to tenderness and served with fresh mayonnaise.

Fresh calamari (that's squid for you non-Italians). Breaded and fried in olive oil, served with lemon.

Abalone. At $40.00 per pound raw you don't see it on too many menus. I used to dive for it off the Mendocino coast. It's like rubber until you slice it thin, beat the heck out of it with a tenderizer, bread and fry it like the calamari above. A true delicacy.

Real, fresh sourdough bread. From a local bakery or even one of the big bakeries like Pisano. Not some frozen store brand imitation. That tangy chewy flavor/texture is unbeatable.

Finally, I'd say locally raised, vine or tree ripened local fruit. Now I do seek out and find things you would never expect here in Montana. It's every bit as tasty, it's just so hard to find on a regular basis.

Those are a few of my favorite things. Did I mention I really like homemade lefse- that's my Norwegian roots from Nordy-Kota!

What do you wish you could find here?
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr (+14302) 15 years ago
"What do you wish you could find here?" Fewer whiney Californians

Try and buy a Paco in California. The beef finger steaks at the Airport in are also uniquely "Miles City"

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Posted by jackie (+164) 15 years ago
Actually i was thinking of homemade cooking when i saw this forum. I miss my mother's fantastic cream puffs, tart apple pies and yugoslavian potica. I am not good at making desserts (which is probably a good thing) and now that she is gone, so are these. I grew up in red lodge when the festival of nations was a big thing (1960' early 70's) and skiing was just for out of towners. there were many cultural dishes served up from the locals.

i get a hankering for good italian food and mexican food. One has to go to colorado to find stuffed sopapillas or when i have lots of time i try to make them at home. just can't seem to get that green chili right.

beef is okay but you can only eat so much of it. If you were not a rancher, ground beef was most one could afford. One of the best steaks i ever had was at the grizzly saloon in roscoe when it was still a little town bar.
Posted by Johnnie Lockett Thomas (+393) 15 years ago
With the notable exceptions of Bakersfield, Australia, and New Zealand,I sometimes miss the wonderful foods of almost every place I've ever lived. I still savor memories of the brick oven pizzas and vino that I enjoyed at lunch every day during the year I lived in Abano Terre, Italy.

I miss the little Portugese fishing port of Stonington Village, Connecticut where I would go to the town dock when the boats came in in the evenings with its Japan destined load. For a six-pack of beer, I could get as much fish as Bill and I could eat. For a second sixpack, the fishermen would clean and scale the catch.

I miss the Mexican food on Olvera Street in Los Angeles, the many exquisite little restaurants in Austin TX,and Boston. I miss the Italian food of northern New Jersey, the food of mainland China (which bears no resemblance to anything served in Chinese restaurants in this country), the pate, boulangeries and the classic cuisine of St. Maxime and San Tropez. My mouth waters for the southern barbeque of Alabama (every location swears to the superiority of its own creation).

I miss mama's feather light, made from scratch white cake with it's lemon pudding filling and her scrumptious sweet potato pie. I miss eating rice daily with dinner as I did as a child and I miss my own 'not from a box'German chocolate cakes and lemon meringue pies.

I sometimes miss the hearty beef and potatoes of my college dorm days in Iowa where we ate our meals family style on linen covered tables, served by a wait staff.I miss Irene Johnson's fried chicken.

When it is time to leave Miles City, I will fondly remember meals shared with my wonderful Montana friends and I will miss everything Miss Mary ever served at Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays spent in love and warmth with 'family'.

Johnnie Lou
Posted by Tucker Bolton (+3214) 15 years ago
Tex-Mex, challa, Matzos soup w/ chicken, Dr Browns Cel-ray soda, fat dripping pastrami and a great kosher dog or sabret.
Posted by Scott (+252) 15 years ago
Ok! Thats enough of that. You made me hungry. I had to make some homemade spaghetti sauce. Yum Yum. I hate making the stuff but the end result is so worth it. I am Italian and Cuban so I love certain foods that I dont get very often.
Posted by Lee Akers (+269) 15 years ago
About the only thing I miss from my old stomping grounds, is fresh tree, or vine ripened fruits and vegitables. There are stands at the edge of many fields offering the produce at a very reasonable price. It seems that the produce has to picked before it's fully ripe, so it can be transported. The real ripe items don't make the trip. Can you imagine fresh peaches; sweet, soft,and so juicy that it's like eating watermellon. (I can't even bear to think about fresh, vine ripened watermellon) And the flavor.... Well, like the man said, ya really had to be there.

I don't miss them enough to go back, but we were talking about foods we miss.
Posted by Bob L. (+5047) 15 years ago
My grandmother's lefse. It's incredible. She's retiring from lefse making at the age of 89. I ate my last piece of Grandma's lefse at Christmas. I also ate some lutefisk.

Broder's Pasta Bar - 50th & France Avenue, Edina, MN. They make the pasta from scratch right at the bar. Unbelievably good Italian food.

Buca - 12th & Harmon, Mpls, MN. It's a chain now, the original restaurant is in downtown Mpls. Very good Southern Italian food.

Gino's East, Downtown Chicago. God I miss this place. Best pizza in the world.

Hi-Ho Tavern, Dilworth, MN. Greasiest burger and fries ever. Nasty.

Back to work.......
Posted by Toni Campbell Tivy (+141) 15 years ago
I got hungry when I read this post, so had to eat lunch before I replied to this....

I miss my Grandma (Helen Nelson's) homemade cinnamon rolls. She made a huge batch of bread about once every two weeks (from scratch!) and used some of the dough to make the most incredible cinnamon rolls I or anyone else have ever tasted (the bread was also the best ). She also made a home-made fried chicken that would have blown away Col. Saunder's recipe if any of us had thought to market it. Come to think of it, most of her food could beat out pretty much any restaurant....

This was from a woman who had 5 kids, taught 1st-6th grade at the Cohagen school and later 5th grade at Lincoln School, raised all of her own fruits and vegetables in a 2 acre garden behind the house(not irrigated-I think she had to haul the water out to water it), milked her own cows and hand-churned the butter, raised her own chickens (which she used to make that incredible fried chicken) and helped out on the cattle ranch. When I look back on her life I am amazed by how much hard work must have gone into just getting the food on the table, so it's even more impressive how amazing it was!!

Can you still get Pacos in Miles City? I thought Kron's place closed.
Posted by Beth (Petro) Oswald (+45) 15 years ago
You can get Paco's at the old Crystal Pistol location. I am not positive if you can get them cooked there or not, as I always get them frozen and cook them at home. You can also get their awesome pizzas there. Again, I am not sure if you can get them prepared there as I always take and bake.
Posted by Chad (+1761) 15 years ago
Update on food I miss-

Costco is importing sourdough from California (Hmmm, it must be very good afterall if they're willing to haul it that far) and Albertson's is now carrying a line of specialty breads that are very good. I prefer my bread to have some substance and texture. It should take some effort to eat it. I'm no Wonderbread fan.
Posted by Sharon Clarke (+84) 15 years ago
Anything from the Cold Stone Creamery is fine by me!

Although one of my favorite things was my grandfather's homemade fudge, which I try to make at Christmas time but always end up ruining one batch before getting it right!

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