The "Buffalo Tavern"
Posted by David Schott (+17052) 12 years ago
I saw the story below about today's fire in Miles City on the Flathead Beacon website. I had to laugh at the last line: Several dozen people watched the scene from outside the Buffalo Tavern, but the bone-chilling wind chased them back indoors.

Buffalo Tavern?

[i]Schweitzer Tours Fire Site in Downtown Miles City

By Associated Press, 03-23-09
MILES CITY - Fire destroyed at least four businesses and damaged others Monday as it raged through a block of historic buildings on Main Street in Miles City.

Mayor Joe Whalen said he expected firefighters from Miles City, Custer County, Glendive, Baker, Forsyth and Terry would be battling through the night to save two remaining businesses, John Stockhill Jewelers and Big Sky Pharmacy.

Gov. Brian Schweitzer toured the fire scene about 2:15 p.m. and offered use of the National Guard; but the mayor said he hopes it won't be necessary.

"I think we'll be OK if it stays confined to that one block," Whalen told The Billings Gazette, which reported the governor's visit on its Web site.

Among Main Street businesses destroyed were the Cellar Casino, Family Floral, Copper Thimble, a fabric store, and Good Things, a novelty and housewares store.

A bar under construction was also destroyed.

No injuries were reported and the cause of the fire has not been determined.

"There is an ungodly amount of thick, black smoke," Whelan said.

Most of the buildings in the area, including City Hall, were evacuated because of the poor air quality.

A block to the west, patrons of the Montana Bar leaned against a brass rail in the tavern's Main Street window drinking Budweiser and watching firefighters dump thousands of gallons of water on the fire.

"We heard a couple walls fall down," said Jason Gierke, who had been watching the disaster for several hours. "It sounded like thunder."

Several dozen people watched the scene from outside the Buffalo Tavern, but the bone-chilling wind chased them back indoors.[i]
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr (+14950) 12 years ago
Just a guess, but they probably mean the Bison.
Posted by Slosh (+701) 12 years ago
That came from the Gazette.
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6014) 12 years ago
Yeah, the Buffalo Tavern!

Where they have the best Bison Wings this side of the Mississippi.

Or something like that.

Posted by poisonspaghetti (+281) 12 years ago
Have you seen the headline on the "Fire Crews to Douse Miles City Blaze" No-duh? I guess that's better than "Fire Crews to Stand Idly by While Town Burns" but seriously, Gazette...
Posted by Cory Cutting (+1272) 12 years ago
THAT is funny!! I love your new headline.... ROFL
Posted by Darcie Black Fast (+27) 12 years ago
The Flathead Beacon has been fixed...didn't contact Billings Gazette.
Posted by Chris Gamrath (+385) 12 years ago
I can personally vouge for the fact I too have spent many a time being "forced" into the Buffalo Tavern be it inclimate weather, a needed break from the day, or.... just because

Posted by Matt Schmitz (+402) 12 years ago
A few years ago, I got married in Miles City. Ok, many years ago. A good friend from Bozeman came down for the wedding, and bachelor party. We sort of lost track of him during the party, but figured he was a big boy, and he could take care of himself. He showed up the next morning, seriously disheveled. He told a scattered tale of losing the party, and drinking way too much in the "Buffalo". Duh! He had no idea how to find the house, so he spent the night in the alley behind the "Buffalo". We all laughed like crazy, and piled on the grief like only good friends can do. I ran into him a few weeks ago, and he wants to come back to Miles City, mostly because he wants to party at the "Buffalo" again. I thought about correcting him, but that just wouldn't be any fun. So keep your eyes open for him. You will find him in the alley behind the "Buffalo". Throw him a pillow if you can.