Posted by Tanna Bloxom Martin (+21) 12 years ago
It is so nice to be able to look and see what is going on around Miles City. I have been gone a long time and it makes me feel full of memories.
Posted by Diona Austill (+183) 12 years ago
Hi Tanna,
So where are you at these days? Been a long time.
Diona Warn Austill
Posted by Kacey (+3161) 12 years ago
You sent me an email asking about an address for Kitty. Who is Kitty?
Posted by Maryann McDaniel (+251) 12 years ago
Okay I have been gone from Miles City for many years. The only Kitty I knew was Kitty Cutting and her brother Doug (in my clas of 1966). Does this help?