Mavs/Colts Sign-up
Posted by Jody Burman (+37) 14 years ago
Does anyone know who I could contact regarding a late Mavs or Colts sign-up? We were waiting on a broken foot to heal and then completely missed sign-ups!
Posted by zew (+164) 14 years ago
I too am wondering when the t-ball and young kids sign-ups are. Or who to contact that might know.

Posted by Jamie and JoDean (+382) 14 years ago
Check Red Rock Sporting Goods or Universal Athletics, they should know
Posted by Chief (+10) 14 years ago
The next round of signups for baseball will be the 24/25 of February from 6-8 at MCC room 107. There will be another signup in March. Little League will once again have no registration fee.

Babe Ruth will have a $25 registration fee and Legion will have a $75 registration fee.

Youth wishing to play legion baseball should contact MCYBA as soon as they can.

The info will also be posted on the website which you may use to contact MCYBA.

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