Any Miles City Twitterers?
Posted by Dan Mowry (+1434) 13 years ago
Any of you use Twitter for business or personal? It's all the rage with these kids and their rock and roll.

Friend me up and I'll do the same - I'd love to hear chit-chat from the MC side of the universe.

Maybe, when the webcam goes back up, we can get some twitter-phone requests for mugging for the camera.
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr (+15197) 13 years ago
There are probably some "twits" in town.
Posted by jkuhl (+78) 13 years ago
I've wondered for a while, is twitter just for people with cell phones? I don't have one! I'm such a cave girl.
Posted by Dan Mowry (+1434) 13 years ago
There's lots of twits on Twitter, too, heh.

Nope - Twitter is online for however you get online. I rarely use my cellphone for Twitter, favoring my laptop, instead.

The gist: Twitter is probably the most popular online "water cooler" around. Have no fears - it's free. It is somewhere between using email and reading a blog or a forum:

1. It limits you to 140 characters. That's it: say it briefly and hit enter.

2. You can follow others without the pressure of feeling the need to actually respond to their comments (like reading a forum without posting).

3. You can respond to anybodies comment when/if you want. People can follow you and your comments (called "tweets").

4. Some people use it for goofy little comments throughout the day others use it like you would in an office when you lean back in your cubicle and ask your coworker a quick question. It's open to use it for fun or work or anything in-between.

eg. My last two tweets:

"If I got an intern could I take it apart to see how it works?"

"Does anybody know a cheap eCommerce API developer that can help me stat?"

I got several responses and comments back from both.

The trick is to start following somebody - so that's why I offered myself up. Then, you can check out the people who respond to me or who I follow. It just grows your concentric circle a little each time and a lot of it is just fun to read or jump in on when you're in the mood. It's not impolite at all.

I use it for work and play. Since I work from a home office it's really replaced my "network" of peers especially since a lot of them are also self-employed/WFH (work from home) folks. We stay connected this way.

I even use a little application that sits on my computer desktop much like an instant messenger that quietly scrolls all the "tweets" my friends/peers make all day. Sometimes something catches my eye and I respond. If they try to reach me directly I can see that.

In the time I've been using Twitter I've felt much less of an exiled hermit stuck in his office and far more in touch with the outside world of real humans. I've also made good connections for work. One of my fellow Twitterers is an employee at Google whom I met before they became one of my reps through Twitter. Another is a tech journalist in California and we exchange info for stories since I'm a bit of a geek and gadget-head. It can all be very diverse. A lot are my friends/peers.

You're very welcome to hook up with me as a "follower" (what they call friends on twitter) to listen to me throughout the day - and I see several of you have already done that (Hello and Welcome, by the way!). Whether you're in Miles City or not it's always good to hook up with people you have a little something in common with.
Posted by Josh Rath (+2313) 13 years ago
Well, when reading this you probably knew I would reply, considering I am on every possible social site on the internet...