We win . . . at snark
Posted by Tracey (+16) 13 years ago
So, I was reading this article in last Sunday's New York Times about snarky blogs in the New York boroughs. Obviously, the writer was not aware of milescity.com. I sent him a little email and a link to the "nothing" thread. He wrote back and confirmed that we win at nasty, boisterous online chatter.

You talkin' to me?

For the past few years, blog comments sections, acting as virtual town squares, have offered residents around the country a forum in which to weigh in - and vent - on a wide spectrum of local issues. But given New York's size and diversity, not to mention its fabled brashness, political energy and high emotion, its blogosphere is taking a particularly striking shape.

The growing number of New York neighborhood blogs - there are nearly 200, many in Brownstone Brooklyn, but there are others in communities like Inwood, Harlem and Astoria, Queens - has amplified the city's already boisterous discourse, raised the ideological stakes in discussions of even the tiniest issues and turned upside down the old chestnuts about urban isolation.

Perhaps most important, the city's muscular and energetic blogs have provoked questions about how to police raucous New York-style debate without sapping its energy.
. . .
This response exemplifies what often happens on New York blogs: A small, local discussion flares up into a larger argument about class and race.

The issues that are consistently "hot button," Mr. Butler said, are those tied to gentrification. Fear or distrust of change underpins many of these debates, which frequently portray one side as defenders of traditional neighborhood values and the other as invading infidels, whether they be rowdy hipsters in Williamsburg or mega-rich developers with an eye on Harlem.

And so on. It's more universal than we think.
Posted by Bob Netherton (+1882) 13 years ago
You mean there are other places to argue with people on line besides mc.com?
Posted by Frank Hardy (+1611) 13 years ago
Are not!