Free coats for kids
Posted by Larry (+153) 14 years ago
92.3, Wendy's and the Miles City Cleaners have teamed up and have nice clean new and used coats for kids and some adults. Just come up to the studios of 92.3 MIKE FM at 508 Main and find a warm coat. Coats are free to whomever wants one. If you want to donate one, just drop it off in the barrel at Wendy's. We have lots of coats up there now. We are open Monday thru Friday 8AM to 5PM.

Posted by Dana Jablinske (+94) 14 years ago
just bringing this to the top!! This is such a nice sentiment.
Posted by Cynthia A. (+194) 13 years ago
is this going on again this year? I have coats I want to donate, I will call the station to find out, was thinking about this and saw the link from last year on here. What a great cause ~
Posted by Josh Rath (+2330) 13 years ago
Here's our station number. 234-5626.

I'm unsure if we are doing it again this year, otherwise I'd tell ya.
Posted by Amorette Allison (+12745) 13 years ago
Since the dry cleaner is no longer dry cleaning, I suspect they won't be participating.
Posted by Amber (+220) 13 years ago
I've got plenty of coats ranging in size from 12 months to 6/7 I would love to donate. Somebody please let me know if there is somewhere these can be donated as St. Vincent told me they were not accepting donations at this time