Construction firm gives city $10K for youth
Posted by Blayne W. (+49) 14 years ago
That is AWESOME!!! A big thanks to Kemper Construction Co. for the donation. Now, the big question: this money was donated to Miles City FOR THE YOUTH; What will the city do with it? I know that $10K isn't going to build a new swimming pool or skate park, but every bit helps. As a father to four Miles City youth, I am very curious see what happens with the money. Mayor, I hope you keep us posted.
Posted by Mayor (+141) 14 years ago
Will do, Blayne. The donor has a personal interest in seeing that funds are channeled into projects/equipment providing positive alternatives to substance abuse for Miles City youth. I'm recommending to the City Council that we consider disbursements carefully and begin planning now for FY09 programming.

The Student Council of CCDHS has recently submitted a raw list of items identifed by high school students as part of Leadership Miles City's "Vision Miles City" project, facilitated by Dr. Stefani Hicswa, president of MCC. That list has been submitted to the City Council as a place to begin. More suggestions will be solicited through a City survey and by the independent efforts of civic groups.

We'll likely be working through our decision-making over the next few weeks so that everyone who wants input has input into the process.
Posted by Buck Showalter (+4452) 14 years ago
I hope you'll provide us with a copy of the "Vision" project. Just wanna see what the kids think they should do with it.
Posted by Don Muir (+24) 14 years ago
It is Awesome that Kemper Construction made such a big donation. It took the city of Missoula 15 years from conception to reality for the indoor and outdoor H2O parks. The outdoor park along w/the 50 meter pool is great. the cost was the killer though, 140 million. But if you want something bad enough and have the backing it can happen!
Hope M.C. gets a pool/H2o park. There is a lot of revenue with H2o Parks(slides, pools and float rivers). On an average day at Splash Montana(city owned H2o park) they see about 1500 people. On a hot day 2000 to 2500.