Speaker's Bureau: Cheri Porten
Posted by Beth Oswald (+278) 13 years ago
The Miles City Speaker's Bureau will host two presentations of longtime Miles City resident, businesswoman and writer, Chery Schaffner Porten featuring her new book Random Thoughts on Tuesday, November 11th. The first talk will be at a brown-bag lunch gathering at noon in Room 107 at Miles Community College. The second presentation will be at 7pm at Custer County Art & Heritage Center. Both events are free to the public and books will be available for sale.

Random Thoughts contains an assortment of treasured happy memories. " I have tried to write about the appreciation of all forms of beauty as a means of building inner strength. I have written about the futility and dulling of lives and inner spirits which result from the exposure of all things ugly, crude, profane or selfish. I have tried to write of the importance of giving children praise, encouragement and appreciation if they are to grow and developed to their full potential. As an elementary teacher I found this to be so. I have tried to write about the joys, the rewards and the importance of developing a love of reading.

I have written about the little simple everyday scenes and happenings, which enrich our lives. It may be the ever-changing Montana sky, our abundant wild life, the gardens, flowers, or cozy fires on chilly days or it may be the smell of wood smoke or the fragrance of damp awakening earth on a fresh bright spring morning. All these are sources of joy.

We grew up on a cattle ranch in western North Dakota. There were three girls in our family, Hope, Truth and myself. Though conditions were sometimes rigorous and challenging, we grew up in an atmosphere of love and approval. We went away for high school and college. Though these were the years of severe drought and The Great Depression, they are remembered as a glorious, happy time."

This program is sponsored by the Miles City Speaker's Bureau partners; the Custer County Art & Heritage Center, Miles City Public Library and Miles Community College with contributions from American Association of University Women of Miles City and the Montana Cultural Trust. For more information, please call the Art Center at 234-0635.
Posted by Chuck Schott (+1291) 13 years ago
Cheri (y) Porten is a very special lady indeed, friend to man and beast alike. I'll bet her book is as full of positive messages and memories as she is, God bless her.

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Posted by Kim Barnaby (+116) 13 years ago

You are so right about Cheri she is a wonderful lady.I lived across the street from her when I was a kid she owned the KOA Campground she put up with alot from all of us kids over there playing and raising h---. One thing that sticks in my head is being over to her house and her feeding me cookies and milk. She has a heart of gold. When I get back to Miles City I would love to try to get a copy of her book I'm sure it is a good one.
Posted by Steve Craddock (+2738) 13 years ago
Sounds great. Thanks again, Speaker's Bureau folks!