Miles City Midrivers television
Posted by BLT (+89) 14 years ago
Today I am doing my usual Sunday activity...watching the NFL games. I have two games that I am flipping back and forth on. One is on CBS and the other FOX. The volume is either very high on CBS or two low on FOX. Makes it tough to change channels.

Quality of the picture is also not real great. Anyone else feels cable should be better. Midrivers just blames the affiliates in Billings. When we had Bresnan things were better though.

Curious if anyone else has this second rate quality picture.

Bob T
Posted by hallick (+119) 14 years ago
When they came in to town they where better and cheaper since they are the only ones that are around they don't care as much because they do not have to compete. The channels are always fussy or not coming in. You can call does it help, no! Since there is no more competition they rack up the prices it is just like gas. Blt since there is no longer two suppliers try using two TV's.
Posted by Jon Boe (+168) 14 years ago
DirecTV, Dish?? There is competition of sorts.
Posted by TALBOT (+249) 14 years ago
I have the same problems with Fox not being loud enough. The picture is always darker too. The picture on Channel 5 is really bad also (I hate to have to watch sports on Channel 5). Recently the commericals on ESPN are lower in volume than the regular broadcast. But that's OK by me. Speaking of Mid-Rivers.....for a long time on their commericals there was no sound at all. I don't know if that was intentional or not but is was pretty strange.
Posted by gypsykim (+1554) 14 years ago
I have no cable or satellite, I just receive four channels over the air. The volume levels on all 4 are different: ABC is loudest, followed by CBS, NBC and FOX. The difference is extreme. CBS and ABC are always clear and have a good picture; FOX and NBC vary.
Posted by Josh Rath (+2330) 14 years ago
I have found that also on my cable box, but to remedy the audio issues, the box itself has an audio level controller built in, so on your remote if you choose "Cable" so the red light blinks once under your finger, then change the volume, it should show a white volume bar at the top. move that down so it says stereo, then back up.

That always fixed it for me. I think it is a firmware issue within the box itself, and not Midrivers fault, because these are TV Guide boxes. Unless, Midrivers has something setup on their end to limit volume levels, unless you override it the way I describe above, but that is highly unlikely.
Posted by Chad (+1761) 14 years ago
Mid Rivers picks up the "locals" off the air locally than taps them onto their cable. The variances in volume and signal quality have to do with the number of repeaters the signals go through between here and Billings, and the quality of the signal (equipment) on the Miles City end of the transmission.

I have a beef with being stuck with the locals as well- I've gotten used to High Def TV and my satellite provider gives me ALL the networks in HD: ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, WB, and a few others. The non-HD pictures really suck once you're accustomed to HD.

I'm all for the switch to digital, but it does not mean any improvement to the signal quality. It just makes for a tighter signal frequency, allowing more channels in the same range of frequencies.

Hopefully, someday they'll all switch to HD, even out here in the sticks.
Posted by Jim B (+230) 14 years ago
I get upset when it comes to cable tv.
You are right about some of the channels having low volume and others
very high.
I'm more upset that all these channels are in HD but in Miles City
1. have to have a HD digital box.
2. Only about 12 channels come in in HD. (half of those are not worth watching. Why can't we get ABC, NBC,CBS, FOX in digital HD??
3. We recently purchased a new TV and it says right in the instructions that our local cable company is suppose to have a digital card availble, (for a price), that slips into the TV so we don't need a extra digital box. The instructions say this card is a regulation and the cable company is required to offer this. Hmmmmm Not in Miles City.
4. AND why can't we get the NFL network? Stop your bickering between the NFL network and cable companies. What about your customers?? Think of them 1st!!
Oh sure Direct TV or dish network are other sources but why should we have to go to those extremes?

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Posted by Stefanie (+122) 14 years ago
How about commercials being louder than the program? That's my complaint. I swear, I get the TV volume just right, then onto the commercial with the girl in her jammies and the volume skyrockets - I MAY BE IN MY PAJAMAS, BUT I'M NOT GOING TO BED! If I have to hear her one more time . . . ugh.
Posted by Jim B (+230) 14 years ago
That is something we have to live with.
Commericals are always higher volume than regular programing.
Why many on Midrivers are lower volume is a pleasant surprise and
I hope it stays.
Think it has to do with getting your attention!!
Boy does it. Can't switch channels fast enough!!
Posted by gypsykim (+1554) 14 years ago
Legally, commercials can be at the same volume as the highest volume during the programming. I think the FCC regulates this and it might require moving a mountain to get them to make a change. Just use the mute button.
Posted by Jim B (+230) 14 years ago
This mornings Billings Gazette had an article saying that the
United States Senate has told the NFL Network to show their games
on "free" tv?? They say they make it availible in home markets and the Senate is questioning their comments.
Posted by Bob Wildrick (+63) 14 years ago
"Friends don't let friends watch cable TV" Thats the ad from Directv which I've had for over 8 years. You couldn't give me cable. Only problem is make sure your dish is low enough to brush the snow off otherwise no picture.
Bob Wildrick