1903 Miles City Baseball Team
Posted by Morford Woodworks (+15) 20 years ago
I recently acquired a picture of some members of Miles City's Baseball Team along with some other people that was taken in 1903. It has the names of the people written in ink on the back but it only has the last names of the players. I was wondering if Amorette or anyone else that has access to old newspapers or has done research on early Miles City history would know the first names of some of the players and what they did then? It's not real important, I'm just curious! The writing on the back is as follows:

Miles City B.B Team Season 1903
Players from left to right
Fox - c.
Baruett - 3rd B. from Boulder, Colo.
Stevens - lf
Herrick - sub
Butler - 1st
Smith - rf
Gregory - P. in back of Smith
Hisey (I can't read this name very well - John) cf and Dr. Audrus 2nd are not present
Burkholder - cf not present

Civilians - Right to Left
Geo. Spencer - scorekeeper and fan
Wm. McConnell - manager and gatekeeper - his star says "PAY ME" (he has a star on his shirt like a sheriff - John)
Willie Gordon - Prop. Yellowstone Journal and ass't. manager
Harry Keenan - Miles City's Policeman

If someone would like to see the picture, I can email it to you as a .jpg file if you wish.


John Morford
Morford Woodworks
[email protected]
Posted by Robin Gerber (+42) 20 years ago
I would love to see this! Would you mind emailing me a copy?
My e address is [email protected] Thanks so much!
Posted by MilesCity.com Webmaster (+10016) 20 years ago
I posted a copy in the Gallery > User Contributions (Before 1925) area.
Posted by Don Casey (+3) 20 years ago
John Monford -
I would appreciate a copy of the 1903 Miles City baseball

In advance, thank you

Don Casey