Miles City vs. Glendive
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6123) 14 years ago
For those people who may be interested in such things, here is the series history between the Cowboys and Red Devils:

(since 1972 - I'll dig deeper when I have a chance)

1972 - Won, 16-14 (OT)
1973 - Won, 24-14
1974 - Won, 29-8
1975 - Won, 24-0
1976 - Lost, 13-6
1977 - Won, 7-0
1978 - Lost, 39-6
1979 - Won, 21-20
1980 - Won, 6-0
1981 - Won, 22-0
1982 - Won, 32-6
1983 - Won, 39-7
1984 - Won, 27-8
1985 - Won, 22-21; Won, 20-6 (State Championship Game)
1986 - Won, 28-20
1987 - Won, 21-12
1988 - Lost, 13-7
1989 - Lost, 35-27
1990 - Lost, 12-6
1991 - Won, 26-0
1992 - Won, 35-34 (OT)
1993 - Lost, 8-7 (OT)
1994 - Won, 54-18
1995 - Won, 17-7; Won, 13-12 (State Championship Game)
1996 - Lost, 31-27
1997 - Won, 42-29
1998 - Won, 28-21 (OT)
1999 - Won, 27-21
2000 - Won, 35-17
2001 - Won, 54-43
2002 - Won, 35-0
2003 - Won, 39-32 (OT)
2004 - Won, 3-0
2005 - Won, 28-21
2006 - Won, 33-12
2007 - Won, 20-6

Even though the Cowboys hold a dominating 31-7 series, most of the games have been competitive. Thirteen of the Cowboys' victories have come by a margin of eight points or less.

Good luck this Friday, Cowboys!
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Posted by Stone (+1588) 14 years ago
I thought maybe people interested in Miles City Football might be interested in these tid bits. One is about the Buffalo Bills coach and the other is about Bunky Thomas. Regulars are probably familiar with the stories from past postings but I wanted to repost to bring this information up again.

Everybody who was around in the forties has their own version of the Glendive Incident. This is the way "Bunky" remembered it in 1980 and I have recorded it for my upcoming book "Growing Up Black in Montana".

"I grew up in the wild west of cowboys, Indians, sagebrush and drought down in the southeastern corner of Montana. Mine wasn't the sanitized west of John Wayne movies, though he did come through town once. No. Mine was the real west, a ranching town with a saloon on every corner and lots more in between. It was where the streets flooded every year in the wake of the spring chinook and federal highway 12 from Dakota was a graveled road.

It was where 'out west' was Helena and 'back east' was Milwaukee. It was a town with a 'right' side, a 'wrong' side and yet another side where Miss Ruby and her girls entertained the townsmen and ranchers, did good work for church and charity and kept the local economy strong even during the depression.

It was the sort of town where Grant's Pool Hall kept illegal slot machines in the back, while out front they sold the best ice cream sodas in the world. It was an all American town where, on weekend nights, post adolescent boys cruised up and down Main Street in their jalopies ogling teenage girls who paraded the sidewalks in groups of three or more.

It was a town where the Cheyenne could visit, only to be sent packing if they stayed too long. Otherwise there was every ethnic group you could think of: the Chinese who had built the railroads; the Irish, the English and the Scots who had served in the frontier army; the northern Europeans who had been lured west by the unrealistic promises of the Northern Pacific Railroad; the Japanese farmers who were brought in during the war, the Jewish businessmen; and the Greeks and Italians who arrived somewhat later.

Finally, there were my relatives and me. We Thomas's were about the oldest family in town, and like most of the others, we came as cowboys and soldiers. But there was a difference. We were Black.

The oldest of three children, I grew up with my mother, my grandpa, a Great-grandmother, a great-greatgrandfather and a father who disappeared when I turned 13. At ont time, after my Grandpa got hurt working on the railroad, and my Ma was paraylzed with multiple sclerosis, we went on welfare until I got a fulltime job shoveling coal from midnight 'til school started.

It would have been a decidedly disadvantaged childhood, except nobody who mattered - my mother, my teachers, my neighbors- bothered
to tell me. In fact, they all told me I was special and from the beginning, I believed them.

When I failed the first grade it was my teacher, Miss DeVoe, who told me I was a scholar and she would not promote me until I did the work of a scholar. A tall, rawboned, chestnut haired woman, Miss DeVoe personified the independent resourcefulness of the western heroine and I loved her dearly, so I became a scholar for the love of Miss DeVoe.

Later on I decide I could be a scholar and an athlete both. I got my head knocked off in the boxing ring at the county fair before I settled for the gentler sports of track, baseball, basketball and football. That's how I came under the influence of another remarkable teacher.

In the mid-forties, a new, hotshot coach came to Custer County. He was lean and mean, a Boston College man who had played under the legendary Frank Leahy.His name was Bob Jauron and he came with a message. "A winner never quits and a quitter never wins." It might have been a cliché to some folks, but it was the gospel to Bob Jaurin and when he preached it, we believed it.

Back then; Montanans took their high school football as seriously as the kind of whiskey they drank. Football players were the equivalent of the gladiators in the Roman Coliseum...competitions to be fought to the death and won by any means the extent that the locals tried to rock our bus over a slope when we played in Butte, and we avoided a post-game confrontation in Havre by escaping through a bathroom window.

In the 1946-47 season, it was a badge of honor when we won seven games, tied one and lost another. We had only one more game to play and that was against the hated Glendive, the previous year's state champs. The game was scheduled to be played on our turf, but at the last minute, Glendive announced they "would not play a team with a Nigger on it". The conference ruled that would mean forfeiture for Glendive, so the Red Devils played and won out of its hatred for me.

For us it became a matter of "Wait until next year".

The Custer County Cowboys continued their winning ways through the next season, humiliating all opponents, running over them like a rampaging herd of buffalo thundering across Montana's high plains. Each win more persuasive that the last, we savored the prospect of avenging our lost to Glendive. And this time it would be on their turf.

On the day of the big game, the local folks all but shut down their businesses to pack the train and to form a winter convoy of cars and pick-up trucks equipped with rifle racks and beer. Nobody expected any more trouble than usual, nobody except my family and me. It was known by those of us who had reason to know, the city had an ordinance that said the sun was no allowed to set on a black face in Glendive. Accordingly, my Grandpa, my sister and brother stayed home that day, and unlike the rest of the team, I packed a brown paper bag supper.

That afternoon we were unstoppable. Bob Jauron's starting eleven - English, Scot, Norwegian, Irish and Black defeated the most despised team in the state. We were not quitters. We were not losers.

The celebration started in the stands and spilled over into the surrounding streets. Custer County Cowboys and their supporters filled the saloons. The hotels and the cafes. Our presence was too large to be ignored.

When the team and its boosters rallied for the victory dinner, I sought the safety of the school bus and a solitary celebration with a quart of milk and four peanut butter sandwiches. In all of the commotion nobody would notice.

My team noticed. My neighbors noticed.

"What the hell are you doing with that goddamn paper bag?" Bob Jauron yelled as he charged onto the bus.

From the way he shouted the question I knew he had the answer. The Coach grabbed the food from my grasp and before I knew it I was in the forbidden restaurant, eating with the other heroes.

A long time later, when I had moved far away, someone told me that this once-upon-a-time Saturday was the beginning of a 25 year ritual in which Miles Citians who formed subsequent high school football game convoys never again spent the night in Glendive hotels, bought Glendive food, or drank Glendive whiskey.

It may be just another tall tale, like those John Wayne movies, but one thing is a certainty. For one glorious moment in time, Miles City folks did the right thing. They put aside their own prejudices and stepped up to the plate. They spoke out. They fought back in the battle against the status quo of hatred and discrimination - for just one glorious moment in time.
Posted by Kyle L. Varnell (+3749) 14 years ago
Brian & or Stone,

Not being from MC I was wondering is the MC football team the same one as the CCHS teams of the 1920's?
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6123) 14 years ago
Should be, yes.
Posted by Kyle L. Varnell (+3749) 14 years ago
Wow, then I've got a cool piece of MC history in my possession - a charm from the CCHS's 1926 Championship team.
Posted by Stone (+1588) 14 years ago
Kyle, we found a picture hidden in the archives from that year. It now hangs in the school.
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6123) 14 years ago
Kyle - Do you mean 1928?
Posted by Kyle L. Varnell (+3749) 14 years ago
On the back it says:

E. Montana Champs C.C.H.S. 1926

and on the front it says:

Hotel Milligan Trophy

I could try and take a picture and send it to you if you'd like.

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Posted by Hal Neumann (+10307) 14 years ago
Here are some stats I have from old Branding Irons if anyone is interested. 1929 was an interesting year.

Does anyone know when they began using the name Cowboys?

1971 scoreboard

Cowboys 13 - Billing Central 43
Cowboys 0 - Harve 26
Cowboys 31 - Lewistown 21
Cowboys 0 - Wolf Point 7
Cowboys 34 - Glasgow 28
Cowboys 6 - Bozeman 38
Cowboys 6 - Glendive 7
Cowboys 30 - Sidney 28
= = = = = = =

I don't have the stats, but in 1970 Cowboys went 0 for 8. Yeah . . . we were consistent.
= = = = = = =

1968 scoreboard

Cowboys 22 - Billings Central 0
Cowboys 51 - Wolf Point 0
Cowboys 6 - Glasgow 20
Cowboys 0 - Bozeman 19
Cowboys 20 - Glendive 0
Cowboys 6 - Sidney 8
Cowboys 20 - Havre 25
Cowboys 13 - Lewistown 12
= = = = = = =

1932 scoreboard

Custer County High 26 - Sheridan (WY) 14
Custer County High 30 - Buffalo (WY) 6
Custer County High 0 - Lewistown 0
Custer County High 19 - Great Falls 0
Custer County High 7 - Glendive 0
Custer County High 12 - Billings 13
Custer County High20 - Livingston 0
= = = = = = =

1929 scoreboard

Custer County High 13 - Alumni 0
Custer County High 126 - Ekalaka 0
Custer County High 33 - Sheridan (WY) 2
Custer County High 90 - Marmarth (ND) 0
Custer County High 13 - Alumni 7
Custer County High 57 - Wolf Point 6
Custer County High 9 - Montana State College Bobkittens 6
Custer County High 29 - Billings 0
Custer County High 32 - Glendive 0
Custer County High 14 - Butte Central 0
Custer County High 53 - Glasgow 0
Custer County High 0 - Butte High 6
= = = = = = =
Posted by Slosh (+693) 14 years ago
While I was obviously not alive for Mr. Thomas's time in Glendive, I've always made it a point to not eat, drink or buy gas in Glendive. I know for a fact that the MCC baseball team doesn't either. Now we just have more reason not too.

Thanks Stone.
Posted by Montana Kid (+117) 14 years ago
A couple years ago I was visiting with the bus driver for the DCC baseball team. He said as they pulled into MC and passed a daycare where very young children were playing, all the sudden the kids lined up and flipped off the bus. His only comment was "They must start 'em young in MC". What an embarassment.
Posted by Slosh (+693) 14 years ago
That's awesome. I wish my kids were involved in that.
Posted by Montana Kid (+117) 14 years ago
I feel sorry for you and any possible spawn, Slosh. There's a thick line between rivalry and bigotry. Unfortunatly, it's been crossed by both towns. But to insinuate the acceptance of flipping off any school bus by kids too young to understand what that line is would be unhealthy to the kids' future. Adults from any town acting out and participating in a school rivalry is ridiculous enough.
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6123) 14 years ago
Why golly gee, Montana Kid! That's the worst gosh-darned story I've ever heard!

You don't think Slosh might have been just a titch tongue-in-cheek there? A real tragedy would be for a child to grow up to be an adult without a sense of humor.

Lighten up. Life is short. Glendive sucks.

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Posted by Slosh (+693) 14 years ago
I do have "spawn" and I will teach them right-and-wrong. Obviously flipping off a bus isn't the best thing in the world. But DCC baseball is about the biggest classless group of people I've ever met.
Posted by Montana Kid (+117) 14 years ago
Sorry I came across so tight. I apologize. I do have a pretty dry sense of humor by the way. I just wish school rivalrys would be healthy and the adults would back off. I have family in both towns, so have seen both sides of the field/court/dugout and both towns carry this too far. (and anyway, isn't Glendive's football team rather stuggling? Don't think anyone needs to get their panties in a bunch over a ball game, at least not this one.)
Posted by Bob Netherton (+1884) 14 years ago
Are you sure you're from Montana, Kid?
Posted by GVC (+519) 14 years ago
The MC/Glendive rivalry is something that should be in the What I Don't Miss about Miles City thread.

GVC's wife
Posted by Tina Bean (+419) 14 years ago
score was 33-0 us at halftime
Posted by Sarah Blakely (+56) 14 years ago
Montana Kid!

I did not appreciate you calling my beautiful daughters "spawn!"
Posted by Montana Kid (+117) 14 years ago
Bob - forth generation born and bred and still living here.
GVC's wife - thank you
Sarah - I already apologized. Most people would have accepted that.
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6123) 14 years ago
Montana Kid - you apologized for coming across tight. You didn't say anything about having referred to Slosh and Sarah's children as "spawn."

I doubt most people would accept an apology when it really isn't one. The regret you expressed came across as being more in reference to your opinion of some people's attitudes toward high school rivalries than it was about Slosh and Sarah's hatchlings, er, daughters. (see, there's dry)

Your sense of humor may be TOO dry for the rest of us.
Posted by Frank Hardy (+1719) 14 years ago
From Merriam-Webster on-line:

Spawn (noun)
Main Entry: 2spawn
Function: noun
Date: 15th century
1: the eggs of aquatic animals (as fishes or oysters) that lay many small eggs
2: product , offspring ; also : offspring in great numbers
3: the seed, germ, or source of something
4: mycelium especially prepared (as in bricks) for propagating mushrooms

Flip off (transitive verb)
Main Entry: flip off
Function: transitive verb
Date: 1982
: to hold up the middle finger as an obscene gesture of contempt to <flipped off the other driver>

He seems to only want your offspring to not be biologically able to initiate a middle finger salute, in great numbers. This would keep them from potentially being classified as "Obscene".

For this you want an apology? Remember the classic cliche:

Teach your oysters well!

Posted by Montana Kid (+117) 14 years ago
I had tried to send Sarah a personal message last night about all this but it came back as undeliverable. Do you need to be logged on to receive them? Just asking as I've never tried that feature before.
Posted by Sarah Blakely (+56) 14 years ago
This has gone way overboard. We've been laughing about it for the past two days. Lets just get back to talking about the Cowboys and how bad Glendive sucks.

Slosh and Sarah
Posted by David Schott (+18391) 14 years ago
Do you need to be logged on to receive them?

No. Perhaps the email address Sarah used when she registered on this site is no longer valid.

- Dave
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6123) 14 years ago
A few tidbits/factonuggets ...

Factonugget #1 - Based on the stats listed in the Gazette, Brennan Haughian's rushing performance (21 carries for 234 yards and 3 TDs) is the seventh-best in Cowboy history.

Factonugget #2 - The 36-point win matches the largest margin-of-victory in the series since 1970. The Cowboys beat the Red Devils 54-18 in 1994 (a particularly satisfying game).

Factonugget #3 - The Cowboys have now beaten Glendive 12 straight times.

As always, Glendive sucks.
Posted by Scott P (+111) 14 years ago
Brian, I thought we had this conversation on a different thread that it is about the kids. I know that I said Glendive sucks. But that was over 20+ years ago when I was a student. I know how much you hate criticism but, please grow up. I know you will have some GREAT reason for your comments though as you cannot live without having the last remark.
If you were truly a previous sports something (I don't remember ) then you can appreciate the accomplishements of the TEAM and keeping the kids off the streets. As I remember, you bashed the Cowboys last year for their losing season. But in not so harsh of words to your credit.

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Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6123) 14 years ago
Short version: Lighten up. Life is short.

Long version:

Scott, do you REALLY think that have nothing but ill will toward Glendive? If you do, I feel bad for you.

The truth is, I could give a rat's behind about Glendive one way or the other. It's a town. I'm sure it has its share of good people and bad people and everyone in between, just like any other small town in Eastern Montana (or anywhere in rural America).

The reason I say "Glendive sucks" is out of fun (just as people in Glendive say "Miles City sucks" or Red Sox fans say "Yankees suck"). It's a saying. It's out of jest. If your version of "growing up" means that I have to lose my sense of humor, no thank you. It's not like I'm giving you a "Better Dead than Red" chant.

I DO appreciate the accomplishments of the team. Always have. I wouldn't have researched the box scores of the last 326 football games the team has played if I didn't. But that doesn't mean that I can't also appreciate the accomplishments of the individuals on the team. There is nothing wrong with individual achievement if it helps the team win. One of the reason I've put a lot of time into compiling the team's record book is because I want the Cowboys - past, current and future - to know something more about the team they play for than they otherwise might. I see the record book as a positive thing.

I'll remind you again (read slowly if you must ). I never bashed the Cowboys for having a losing season. I questioned their hustle. There is a definite difference. If I didn't care about the Cowboys (or the individuals on the team), I wouldn't care if the team gave their all or if they didn't. I don't feel that the team performed as well as it could have at times last year. I don't believe I am in the minority when it comes to that sentiment.

I am a father. Being my son's Daddy is the most important thing in the world to me. If I knew my son could do better than he was doing at something and I failed to call him on it, I would be a poor father and I would be failing him. I see a parallel here. Loving someone or a team does not mean that you spare that person or team any and all criticism.

If you believe that sports are merely a way of "keeping the kids off the street," I would say that you have a much bleaker view of the kids on the team than I ever have.

Again, I would like nothing more than to get back to the initial intention of this thread. I'll praise the Cowboys in the way I see fit and you can praise them in whatever way you choose.

You have my number if you'd care to come to some common ground. In the meantime, cheer up.

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Posted by Scott P (+111) 14 years ago
Brian , I am bored so I did read up the list and YOU said Glendive sucks at least twice. Once may be a joke but twice????Don't get me wrong in that I love the cowboys and always will. But I still believe that it is always about the kids. And not parents/fans who want to try and live their lives through 15-18 year old young men.
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6123) 14 years ago
So I'm the only person who's said "Glendive sucks" on this thread or in the history of Interesting.

Would it be easier if I phrased it to appear more like a traditional joke?

Me - "Knock knock."
You - "Who's there?"
Me - "Glendive sucks."
You - ...

(Is that better?)


Glendive sucks walks into a bar ...

(How's that work for you?)

Seriously, I've never lived my life through the accomplishments of 15-18 year old kids (with the possible exception of when I was a teenager). I keep stats as a hobby, nothing more. But like anything I do, I take pride in doing it right.

My intentions aren't nearly as malicious as you think they are. You've made a lot of assumptions, and most of them are far from accurate.
Posted by BLT (+83) 14 years ago
Most of the posts on this subject show a lot of ignorance. Glendive is just another school just like ours. They also patronize this town in droves. Anyone who would think children making obscene gestures is humorous has some real problems. Grow-up people.

Posted by Jeremy Orthman (+438) 14 years ago
I think some of you are reading into comments made here too deeply. It's a sports rivalry, so the words that are spoken in that rivalry aren't personnal, but part of the rivalry. If your a Cowboys fans you say the Redskins suck or a Broncos fan may say the same about the Raiders.
Posted by Mr. Natural (+69) 14 years ago
Jerry Seinfeld: "What's the deal with Glendive? I mean, they really suck!..."
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+18352) 14 years ago
I think I have said, "Glendive sucks"....oh, about 47 times or so on who's counting?
Posted by Leanne Stewart (+197) 14 years ago
Miles City and Glendive have always been rivals, but it was sure nice to see that our kids can also support the other team. For example, last year when the Cowgirl basketball team got beat at state, our cheerleaders and fans all got behind, and even sat with Glendive when they played Dillon for the championship. It was nice to see the kids have fun together and even where some "red" in support of them.
Posted by J. Dyba (+1342) 14 years ago
Glendive does suck. That's probably why we always went there to pick up girls...
Posted by Slosh (+693) 14 years ago
I think some people on here are taking the rivalry thing out of proportion (shocking that something on here gets taken out of proportion).

The rivalry with Glendive is 100 years old, if not older, and will continue to be around for another 100 years or so.

Rivalries are fine when they aren't taken too seriously. For the most part, everyone on here that says Glendive Sucks (me included) really don't take it seriously. It's not like we're sitting at home coming up with new ways to hate Glendive.

Most rivalries are rivalries on the field, but as was mentioned earlier, aren't carried over past the field. (That's when it goes too far.) I don't hate anyone from Glendive. Other than a few DCC baseball people, everyone I've met from Glendive I've liked. In high school, we had a big rivalry with Helena High, but we were all mostly friends after the games.

I think this issue is getting blown way out of proportion.

Glendive still sucks.
Posted by Levi Forman (+3716) 14 years ago

Just trying to help.
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+18352) 14 years ago
This past Saturday, as a loyal Montana Tech alumni, I went to the Tech-Carroll game here in Helena. At the pre-game tailgate party, we were an island of green in a sea of purple.

I was jealous of my fellow alumni, as they were wearing t-shirts that said on the front, "Eat [email protected] Carroll!" and on the back, "I'd Rather Go To Hell Than Be A Saint".
Posted by Mike Zier (+136) 14 years ago
Well......Butte's pretty close
Posted by Slosh (+693) 14 years ago
if this was, we would have a thread called Butte Sucks, and on it would be Helena Sucks and so on and so forth.

I'll combine it a bit,

Glendive and Butte Sucks.