Posted by Lee Akers (+269) 15 years ago
They took out the Milltown Dam. Did you know that it was used to generate electricity? Of course when they took the dam out, they took the powerhouse out. Hydro power is the cleanest most effective means of continuously generating useable electricity.

Now that they have all the polluted soil and the "unsafe" dam removed, it's time to replace the dam with a good modern one, and get the power flowing again. It will take several wind generators to replace that power plant.

If they don't act fast, the water impound area will be filled with expensive condominiums. (Don't believe that? Hide and watch.)

Of course, The site would be wonderful for a clean coal power plant. The electricity has to come from somewhere.

But it's a little tough to go boating, swimming, and fishing in a clean cola power plant.

Lee Akers