Mobile Oil Change?
Posted by Jamie and JoDean (+376) 15 years ago
Would anyone in Miles city use a Mobile Oil Change business? What I mean is that someone would come to your house, or place of business to change your oil. This would mean no comute time, no waiting in a line to get your oil changed. Would also do air filters, possibley tire rotations. Just wondering if something like this would be feasiable in MC.
Posted by Matt Smith (+792) 15 years ago
Might work, might be a lot of work.
Posted by Chad (+1761) 15 years ago
There was a mobile windshield guy out of Glendive via Kalispell that used to serve eastern Montana. He came to my office parking area and did two of my windshields and I was perfectly happy with them.

One in the winter, he had to set up a portable shelter to do that. One in the summer, nothing special required.

It was an OEM windshield and his rates for the service were much lower than the local shops, which I have also used.

I would still use the service if it were still around. I don't know what happened to him?

I know where my sisters live they have mobile oil change, mobile windshields, mobile mechanics, mobile (house call) veterinarians and GP's (doctors). They all stay very busy and are doing well.

You might make a go doing oil, but it might take some time to build your clientele. Winter might be a bear.
Posted by Jess Bradley (+199) 15 years ago
If rates were reasonable, I would use this service! It is sometimes a big ordeal trying to get an appointment for an oil change at a convenient time that doesn't intfere with school, naps, etc. and then having to either find a babysitter or try to entertain the kids in a shop (this is not so easy and not very fun!) while you wait. Good Luck!
Posted by Jamie and JoDean (+376) 10 years ago
Any new intrest in this idea?
Posted by cubby (+2687) 10 years ago
I have lots of questions about this service. How would you perform such service? Would you use a sucking machine to with draw the oil from the top of the motor or are you going to need to jack them up and perform from down under? Only asking cause that might be a libibilty on the owners parking lot. What kind of oil are you going to carry with you and what kinda filters you going to use? Rotations could be kinda interesting being done in a parking lot also. Good idea though I like it. Although the over head in the oil change bussiness is pretty high for low profits. Just saying to pay for your products and labor to make it worth your time, would be far above what the competion in town is charging.