Remembering a fallen hero
Posted by Erica Gray (+22) 13 years ago
It was one year ago today that my brother-in-law, Yance Tell Gray, gave his life for his country. We will be putting a few things out in Veteran's Park today. We would appreciate the communities help in making sure that nobody messes with the flag pole or the flowers that will be put out. We all just worry because it sits in between bars, we would like to think that nobody would touch any of it...but people often do stupid things. Thank you, we are lucky to live in a town that has such supportive and wonderful people.
Posted by Levi Forman (+3712) 13 years ago
My best to you and the rest of the Grays. I surely hope no one would mess with your stuff.
Posted by Chuck Schott (+1284) 13 years ago
I too want to thank your family and of-course your brother for his supreme sacrifice for this country. I assure you that despite the anti-war opinions you my read on this site EVEYONE here appreciates what your brother did for his country. I do not believe your loss was in vain.

Thank You
Posted by D Elwood (+47) 13 years ago
I would like to express my appreciation for Mr. Grays sacrifice for this country and all the others who have fallen before him. Thank God we have have young people who willing fight for the rest of us.
I did not know this young man but I know his family and they are great people, who I am very proud to know. This is a hard time for them all, I will say a prayer for them. God bless all our service men and women all over the world.
Posted by RA (+648) 13 years ago
Dear Gray Family:

My entire family thanks you for Yance's supreme sacrefice. You have our thoughts and prayers - not only this day - but each day that any of us have driven or walked past the Memorial Park on Main Street. ATW, Yance!