Al Furstnow Saddle #58 for sale
Posted by pam (+8) 18 years ago
I have an Al Furstnow saddle with "58" stamped on it. Can anyone give me information on it? I want to sell it. It is in good condition and has saddle bags built into the skirt. I don't think the stirups are the original ones, they are wooden with metal around the outside. I can find nowhere on the saddle that has been repaired, all appears original. (except stirups, but I could be wrong on that). Can someone tell me what I should sell this for? Thanks for any help you can provide.

Please respond to: Pam at, [email protected]
Posted by nash (+15) 8 years ago
Where did you locate the number? My saddle is stamped 4 times with First no W's stamp but I cannot find a number?