Posted by Lee Akers (+259) 13 years ago
Miles City has lost a very great lady. Esther Kornemann passed away earlier this week. I had the privelige to know her for several years, both as a patron at the library, and as a renter at the Convent.

Esther was always gracious and caring. Not to mention a very good poet. I hope someone publishes her work one day.

Good bye Esther. Those of uo who knew you, loved you. Those who didn't know you, missed a wonderful experience.
Posted by Bart Freese (+926) 13 years ago
That is sad news and I had not heard it. Thank you for posting it Lee.
Posted by Jay Bergman (+32) 13 years ago
Thank you, Lee for posting the news of Esther's departure. Esther was one of the first people I got to know when my husband and I moved to MC four years ago. I rented the top floor of the Convent but often ended up downstairs with Esther instead! She and I spent many hours at the Convent laughing, comiserating, venting, etc. She once shared her writing with me, an incredible story from her rural teaching days in which she was snowbound alone in the middle of nowhere.

The last time I saw her was a few months ago at the hospital. I visited her several times, bringing her photos I had recently taken of the Convent she so loved. I had to wear a gown, mask and gloves to go in her room, but she complained she couldn't see my smile under the mask, so we bent the rules a bit.....

I didn't know she was back in town prior to her death, so I never got to see her again. I loved her dearly and will miss her. Thanks again, Lee.