All 70"s Reunion
Posted by Rhonda (+25) 15 years ago
I helped with the runion - basically getting letters to MY class and getting our registration table all ready and decorated along with name tags, etc. I know that Bobbi and Diane were very involved with the planning and organizing of the WHOLE event. I also know that my husband spoke with Jerry about who should be recognized for all their hard work: they were Bobbi Askin, Diane Gordon, along with Chet Holmes and Susan Sanderson. This whole thing is kind of sad - friendships being strained, maybe even over. Bobbi was completely taken back when Jerry announced that she was instrumental in this event - even emotional. It was a lot of work and emotions do play into things. And I am sure that who is upset with NOT being recognized was hurt and their emotions also took over. No one is to blame - not even Jerry. It is easy to forget on stage. The reunion was a HUGE success!! I only hope that feelings can be mended and friendships will not be over due this. Eveyone that helped out deserves an "At A Boy" but Bobbi and Diane made sure this thing got off the ground and saw it through to the end.