Have you read these books?
Posted by Patrick Petroff (+18) 20 years ago
"The Sword and the Shield" was a book written by Christopher Andrew and former Soviet intelligence archivist Vasili Mitrokhin. It is an extremely long book (736 pages) and I am in the process of ordering this book. Although it pertains nothing about Miles City, it does have some references towards northwestern Montana, especially Kalispell and Flathead Lake. What does this possibly have to do with the forum? People love stories of scandals, murders, and SECRETS. Back during the Cold War, Russians of the KGB targeted and maybe (I'm not saying they did) planted explosives set up to blow up Hungry Horse Dam (which I saw for the first time this summer) and "Flathead Dam". The reason why it is called "Flathead Dam" is because it does not exist, it is argued that Mitrokhin was referring Kerr Dam outside of Polson. This action by the KGB is familiar to the scary plots of terrorism we have been hearing for the past couple of months involving the aftermath of the World Trade Center and Pentagon. "The Sword and the Shield" also covers plots carried out and planned in Europe and "from the Mexican border in the south to the 49th Parallel, the Canadian border, in the north." I was also looking into purchasing "General Nelson A. Miles and the Twilight of the Frontier Army" by Robert Wooster to see if it contained a credible amount of information on General Nelson Miles and his times at Fort Keogh. Some information of Gen. Miles I cannot find about him was his 'master plan' to invade Canada and seize British Columbia for the United States. Anyways if you get the chance to read these books before me or have, let me know how they are.

*Above information about KGB was taken from the Miles City Star article "Historian: KGB targeted dams" (1999).