Yoga studio
Posted by Patricia (+65) 14 years ago
How do I get in touch with the Serendipity Yoga studio? I've looked in the phone book but to no avail. Is the studio still in operation? Does one just show up for sessions? Does one have to register for classes before hand? Are there regular classes? Is there any one out there that can give me an answer ...? Thanks. ( (as usual).)
Posted by Eric Brandt (+848) 14 years ago
Kara Phillips (Same as On The Move Photography)

Her number is on the door. She won't be in the phone book until next year's edition.

Cell Phone: (406) 853-2862

Posted by Bobbi (+103) 14 years ago
I have been attending her classes and they are excellent. We have a fun group of people and we have a great time. Call Kara and she will tell you her times. Please join us.

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