Beefbreeders blazing bull
Posted by Bart Freese (+934) 20 years ago
While driving the bus over to Sacred Heart School on Friday morning, I paused at the four-way stop at Leighton and Montana. There were only two of us at the intersection, myself and an impressive all terrain suv-type object -- a bull. Having the right of way, and being in a large yellow bus, the bull yielded. By the time I parked, the bull was cutting behind the Ursuline Convent -- much to the excitment of many of the kids outside for recess. Mrs. Stanley, one of our teachers, sprinted over to shut the gate keeping the bull out of the playground. I thought maybe I could keep the bull in the area between the two school buildings and the Convent. Standing and waving my arms, while making all the cowboy type sounds I've heard made by others, I watched as the bull hunkered down and came for me. This time I yielded the right of way. Bravely jumping behind a parked car, I watched the bull slide past me and end up in Phillips Street. Close behind were the chase teams. As I was retelling this story to the school secretary, she pointed out I was wearing a bright red sweater. Hmmm, not the brightest thing to bull fight in. Well, the bull ventured off and ended up in one of our student's backyard were he (the bull, not the student) was eventually picked up.
Except for startling the teachers in the staff lounge as they watched the bull go by the window, the excitment added a nice close to our last day of National Catholic Schools Week. I just wished I had my camera with me.

Bart Freese
principal teacher
Posted by David Schott (+17668) 20 years ago
That's funny. Probably not the first time a bull has been loose on the streets of Miles City. Glad to know you came out unscathed.

For those of you who aren't aware, Miles City hosted its annual "Beefbreeders" show yesterday. They close off Main Street and setup livestock pens. Area ranchers bring in their bulls to show them off.

Now you should appreciate even more why Miles City is referred to as the "Cow Capital".

- Dave