New book containing Miles City history
Posted by Gene F. Ostrom (+12) 14 years ago
My grandparents, Judge George W. Farr and Claudia Farr, were Miles City residents from 1896 through 1957. I lived in Miles City and attended the seventh grade at Washington School in 1943-44. I had visited Miles City previously in 1937 and 1940. I loved it.

I have just had a book published that is basically a memoir of my mother and her family. Over two chapters deal with Miles City's early history as well as events up to the 1950s. I believe the book contains information not otherwise written about. I am obviously interested in selling the book but I also feel that people would gain from reading it.

The book may be reviewed on the internet without it costing them anything. The e-Mail address is as follows:

I have enjoyed reading the offerings through Miles

Gene F. Ostrom
Annapolis, MD
Posted by lmr (+13) 14 years ago
I grew up at 1606 Pearl, across the street from the Farr house. Teresa Farr was my best friend until she moved away when we were four or five. We were flower girls at a Farr wedding when we were three or four, wearing ruffled pink dresses and carrying white wicker baskets of rose petals. I have an ornate gold mirror from the Farr house that was given to my family when the Farr family moved away. The book looks interesting. I look forward to reading it.
Posted by Kate (+88) 14 years ago
A while back I questioned when we went from "Milestown" to "Miles City". At the time, no one responded... Now, I see on page 4 of Gene's book:

"Milestown became a "city" with a new name when it was incorporated in 1887."

Posted by Amorette Allison (+12509) 14 years ago
Unfortunately, the original 1878 plat map of the original Miles City listed it as "Miles City." The first post office was also "Miles City." Milestown was a nickname that applied to both old and new Miles City. As far as legal documents go, Miles City was never anything but Miles City.