Posted by Tom Masa (+2042) 13 years ago
I was sad to see my friend and my old neighber Casper Schaefer passed away. I was hoping to see him over Memorial weekend.
My sympathy to his family of which I always felt like I was part of.
Posted by Chuck Schott (+1284) 13 years ago
Sorry to hear that. Casper was a gentle giant who always had a smile on his face and a story to tell. I'm sure he will be missed by many in and around Montana. My sympathy to the family.

Posted by MS (+33) 13 years ago
Thank you Chuck and Tom for your sympathy to our family. Dad will definately be greatly missed by many people in and around the community. We have definately heard many great stories about dad from all kinds of people. Some that we have heard over and over again and many new ones too! Dad really loved life to the fullest and he had many friends of all walks of life. We appreciate all the kind thoughts and prayers, the calls, cards, food, and hugs.

Connie, Mary, and Edmund Schaefer
Posted by Farra Olson (+27) 13 years ago
I remember Casper best as when he showed a clumsy girl how to dance - and we did quite well! He was the best dancer at the Cowboy Ball they used to have in Billings - his jitterbug put the young cowboys to shame. Connie, Mary, and Edmund, our hearts go out to you.

Casey and Farra Olson
Posted by Levi Forman (+3712) 13 years ago
My condolences to the family. I didn't know Casper, but having lost my Dad a couple months ago, I can relate to what you're going through. Best wishes to you all.
Posted by John Morford (+342) 13 years ago
I had the privilege of knowing Casper for over 30 years. In that time he worked for me in three different capacities - as a cowboy and a hay hauler when I was the yard foreman at the livestock commission and as my "bouncer" when I was running poker games at the Golden West back in the day. He handled each and every job to the best of his ability and with the professionalism each required. I've got several of those "stories" that Mary alluded to in her post - and in my humble opinion they are all good ones!

I was always amazed at Casper - it didn't matter if he was working, bulldogging, dancing or fighting - he moved like a cat. He was one of the toughest men I have ever known and at the same time he was a great gentleman. He was always polite to all, especially to my late wife Rita - they always had a great visit when they would see each other.

Of all the things Casper was to me, I hold one above them all - he was my friend and I'll miss him. My prayers are with Connie, Mary and Edmund.

John Morford
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr (+14950) 13 years ago
Posted by snickers (+820) 13 years ago
Casper was a great and kind man. The twinkle in his eye when he grinned said it all.
I am at a loss for words right now
I am truly going to miss him.
If there is anything you or your family need help with anything Please email me
Posted by Jeff Newby (+151) 13 years ago
Connie, Mary and Edmund
I was shocked to see that Casper had died and am very sorry for your loss. I remember your dad one time when I got into a "disagreement" with some guy in the Bison and your dad cam over and showed the guy the way out head first and then came up to me and put one of his bear paws on my shoulder and said "Young man you know better dont let it happen again." I just looked up at him and said yes sir. Casper will be greatly missed.
I wish I could make it home for the funeral but I already have my leave put in for next week and I cant make any adjustment with my backup being gone this week. I will always remember him from when I was a kid and whenever I would see him when I came home on leave.

Again I am sorry for you loss
SSG Jeff Newby
Posted by Chuck Schott (+1284) 13 years ago
I can remember a bar trick (more a show of athletic strength) Casper did where he would stand directly in front of the bar at the Trails Inn and jump flat footed up on to the bar top. If you don't think he won a beer or two with that trick you'd be wrong. Imagine the shear strength it took to leap 42 (or more) inches vertically at Casper's size.

I might mention that a beer can in his hand looked like a small juice can would look in mine, and I'm not a little guy. Despite his strength and size I never had any trouble with Casper as a Bartender. He'd always calm down on request but he did it with a little smile that let you know he could tear the place apart if he took a mind to.

Rest in peace old friend.
Posted by Vince (+219) 13 years ago
Deann and I along with Casper's freinds and family are putting together a fund for the Casper Schaefer Memorial. That will be awarded at the Miles City Bucking Horse Sale. We will be giving away 3 trophy belt buckles to the champion Wild Horse Racing team that wins the most money, over all three days of the sale.

When you think of the Miles City Bucking Horse Sale and the Wild Horse Race what comes to mind, other than Casper Schaefer's team, and who was going to win second, because first place was already sewed up.

You can send donations to the US BANK 619 Main ST. Miles City, MT. 59301. Or STEVESON & SONS 1717 Main ST. Miles City, MT. 59301. You can also drop it by GENERATIONS 1907 Main ST. Miles City. If donating by check make checks payable to US BANK.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 406-951-2939
Craig and Deann Miller
Posted by KC (+16) 13 years ago
My check will be in the mail tomorrow. Does anyone know why Casper died? Had he been sick?
Posted by Big Dave (+434) 13 years ago
Unfortunately I never had the privilege of meeting Mr. Schaefer. As I drove past Sacred Heart this noon, there appeared to be a huge crowd for the funeral and a lot of black cowboy hats. He evidently cut a wide swath.

My condolences to his friends and family.
Posted by Tina Bean (+415) 13 years ago
Casper was an awesome man. I have played cards with him on many occasions and will miss him at the table. What a shame. To his family.... my thoughts are with you and yours! By the looks of the area around the church many many many poeple will miss him. Not a suprise!
Posted by Peggy (+28) 13 years ago
I didnt get to make it to the funeral due to work. But, I Will miss Casper as much or more than the normal person. I worked with him at the Sales Yards along with his kids, and I worked with his wife Connie at The Hole In The Wall. Casper was a big part of my life. From waltzing with him at the Alta Club, to yard backing with him at the Sale Barn with him, he was the staple in my life. He graduated with my aunt, and was my good friend for life. He kept an eye on me for my family. I will miss him forever. Connie, Mary and Ed. My prayers are with you forever... Love, Peggy

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Posted by Ken Price (+8) 13 years ago
My name is Ken Price and I grew up in Kinsey across the road from the Shaefer family. As a very young child, Casper was my idol. For many reasons, but mostly because he always treated everyone he encountered with great respect, even an annoying preschool-aged neighbor kid. That is my enduring memory of Casper. Throughout my growing up years, we crossed paths periodically, mostly at rodeos and the Bucking Horse Sale. It was always a pleasure to meet up with him and catch up on our lives. The sincere interest, respect and deep abiding kindness was always there.

Its been 30 years or more since we last talked, but upon hearing the news of his passing, I miss him as if I just talked to him yesterday.

May God bless and keep you Casper, and provide comfort to your family.
Posted by Carol Rubin (+11) 11 years ago
Hi Kenny,

This is Vicki Wambolt from Kinsey, Montana. If you would like to get in contact with me, please email me at [email protected]