Looking for the "legend"
Posted by KELLY BABCOCK (+190) 13 years ago
Hi Kenny,
I'm getting all of my e-mail attempts returned, and I suppose you are still checking in every now and again, so I'll try this and see what happens.

How's the book coming? I've been keeping an eye out for it, but if you've had it published I can't find it.

I see my hero is going into the "Cowboy Hall of Fame", even if there is some reason not to call him a cowboy.

Ya know, I'm still looking forward to going eyeball to eyeball with you. Why don't you come up for the BHS, I'll take you out and we'll drink way to much, and talk about ghosts. I've got a 40 yr. old bottle of Black Label, Canadian Club, that'll make you a man!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Posted by Kenny Vail (+121) 12 years ago
Kelly, you ol' dawg.

I almost croked a couple of times, matey. Where were you when I needed ya?!

Actually my email changed (also moved to Texas), but for some reason it won't be accepted on this site.

I hope you're not talkin' 'bout my man X. Since we last spoke I obtained certifiable proof that he was a Montana hero.