4th of July Celebration
Posted by Wendy Barnes (+22) 16 years ago
Does anyone know what is going on this weekend for the Independence Day Holiday? I would love to take part in anything going on, but can't find out anything.

Any info would be appreciated.

Posted by Johnnie Lockett Thomas (+393) 16 years ago
Flyers posted downtown list a full day's activities on Saturday, the 3rd starting with a parade at 10 o'clock. It is my understanding that anyone who has an interest in participating in the parade should meet at the Convent at 9am. You might call Bookstore Joe about his "Free Speech' Brigade. I know there are plans for musical performances and historical presentations at Veterans Park beginning at 11 followed by, an art walk, exhibitions, and other activities. Randy Stebbins' story in the Star gave three telephone numbers to call for more information. They are for Tucker Bolton at 234-2785 or 951-3949, and 232-4256 for Cori Schock.
I intend to don an ourageous costume in red, white and blue for the festivities.
J. Thomas
Posted by Amorette Allison (+10499) 16 years ago
I'm supposed to be. . .weather permitting. . .in my big hat getup wandering around answering questions about early Miles City. If it's HOT, I'll be wandering around in my skivvies answering questions about early MC.

Posted by Wendy Barnes (+22) 16 years ago
Thanks Johnnie, I don't get the paper, it is not something I can afford, so I miss out on a lot of stuff. Soon after I posted my message, Curt Almy called to ask if my son wanted to ride his unicycle in the parade. I'm excited there is something going on, my kids wanted to go to Jordan cause it is more fun there, but maybe this year it will be different in Miles City. We're excited!

See you all there!
Posted by JOE WHALEN (+622) 16 years ago

Imagine 100 persons, both young and old, marching down Main St. in Miles City on a sunny Saturday morning - each carrying his/her own sign as a testament to two of our most important freedoms, Free Speech & Free Assembly.

If you plan to attend the 4th of July Celebration (on the 3rd, of course!), you're invited to join our Free Speech Brigade. All you need to enter is your own sign that features one of your favorite thoughts, quotations, slogans, etc.

Large poster boards for your sign are available for $1 at the Dollar Store if you don't feel like cutting out your own cardboard. A carrying stick and a small American flag would be great, too.

Meet your compatriots at the Convent at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, July 3rd.