Outdoor Life's 200 Best places to Live
Posted by mule train (+1055) 15 years ago
if you like to hunt and fish....

Miles City came in number 39 (tied with Redmond, OR).

Other notable cities from Montana:
#6 Lewistown
#8 Dillon
#13 Livingston
#16 Helena
#30 Butte

#1 was Mountain Home, Arkansas...I've never been there, so i can't comment.
Here's the rest of the Top 10:

#2 Lewiston, ID
#3 Sheridan, WY
#4 Cody, WY
#5 Pocatello, ID
#7 Marquette, MI
#9 Page, AZ
#10 Bizmark, ND

Glendive did not make the top 200.

So I'll be in town tomorrow for Easter...what can I fish for right now? How is the ice on the Yellowstone? Is it worth bringing my rod to fish for walleye or pike?
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr (+15566) 15 years ago
I believe that Gillette, WY is # 38 on that list.
Posted by mule train (+1055) 15 years ago
What I find interesting about Miles City being on that list is that I only know 3 or 4 guys in Miles City who actually fish. Lot's of hunters....not a lot of fishermen. Which might be why it is so good to go fishing there, because you can fish all day and never see another person!
Posted by Mark (+34) 15 years ago

The ice is out, the ling are taking nice right now. I've also had good luck with the small mouth already. Lotsa folks having good luck with the walleye right now too.

The fishing is really good right now though, the river is remarkably clear, no major rise yet.
Posted by mule train (+1055) 15 years ago
thanks for the update mark...I'll be bringing up my rod. Not to give away too many secrets, but what kind of bait/tackle are you using?