Posted by Amber (+216) 15 years ago
It seems to me that easter is coming way too soon this year. Does anyone know what the agenda is for the easter egg hunt for the little ones. I hope that the whole walmart thing isn't going to happen again. Little kids getting pushed down on the asphalt doesn't seem that much fun for me or my son. If anybody knows where it's going to be please let me know. Thanks and Happy Easter.
Posted by David Schott (+18536) 15 years ago
My kids had me searching the Internet for "Peter Cottontail" and youtube didn't disappoint.

"Unseasonably Early":

"Sing Along Peter Cottontail":

Kind of creepy sing-along:

Funny kid:

The creepiest of all:
Posted by Sharlene (+1204) 15 years ago
The community Easter Egg Hunt will be this Saturday, March 22 at 10am in Wibaux Park. There will be a Water Conservation Carnival at Walmart from 11am-4pm.
Posted by Big Dave (+441) 15 years ago
Water Conservation Carnival??????
Posted by Bob Netherton (+1887) 15 years ago
C'mon, Big Dave. Nothing says Easter more than "Water Conservation Carnival" or Wal-Mart.