Reason for "Miles City Spells"
Posted by Jo Ridgeway (+297) 15 years ago
Our children's center in the Miles City Public Library has no windows, the ceiling is falling in, the carpet and furniture and shelfs are old and dingy and there are no computers in that area. In essence, it is an unattractive and out-of-date center. The Library Remodeling Committee is raising funds to remodel the old bus barn into the new children's center to make it an attractive and current place for our children and young adults to learn, read, study and socialize. We will cut windows on two sides of the building to let in the light, i.e. the name of our fundraising campaign is: Bring The Children Into The Light. New furniture, new flooring, new bookshelves, a separate computer center with numerous computers that have been donated by First Interstate Bank and a mezzanine on the upper level for teens are a few of the planned improvements. Join us on Friday, March 14, for Miles City Spells and make your donations to this important community project.
Posted by Hannah Nash (+2547) 15 years ago
Are you a good speller? Do you know someone who is? Wish to sponsor a team? The Miles City Public Library Renovation Committee invites you to experience Miles City Spells; a local fundraiser to remodel the Children's department of the Library and Bring the Children Into the Light!

The Miles City Public Library Renovation Committee is in the process of upgrading its existing space to accommodate the needs of our community. The library renovation project was divided into three projects. The first two projects, a new entryway, and public restrooms have been completed. The third part of this project is creating a new Youth department in the existing garage area.

On March 14th, 2008 beginning at 5:30 at the Park Place the Library Remodeling Committee will be hosting its second "Miles City Spells" adult spelling bee. This "sport" is growing in popularity across the nation as people vie in competition to help a much-needed cause. Teams are needed to compete for the title of "Miles City Spells Champion"! Instead of being alone in this competition, three people join to form a team - three heads are better than one. Wordlists are given to each team in order to prepare for the big spell off. Fear not rusty spellers, if your team misspells a word in this showdown, you can always buy your way back in for 20 dollars. After all, it's going to support the library's remodeling project. The Committee would like this to be fun, and challenge the residents of the area to form teams to support our library.

The entrant fee for a team is $300.00. Start building your team now-seek sponsorship, or donate yourself to a great community cause. Participants must be aged 16 and over. Attention parents-sponsor your high school student, put a family team together! Prizes to the top three teams will be awarded at the event.

Miles City Spells is a spectator event, with a light dinner of sloppy joes and all the trimmings! Costs are $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children 12 and under. There will be spelling fun and prizes for the audience too! For more information, please contact the Miles City Public Library at (406) 234-1496 or email [email protected].

Thank you for supporting your Library!