Al Furstnow Saddlery
Posted by Judy J (+4) 14 years ago
I have a pair of spurs that I am told were worn and made by Mr. Furstnow. They were bought at a family auction near Harrisburg, PA and given to me as a gift. Does anyone know anything about Mr. Furstnow's spurs and worth. Thanks so much. Judy J
Posted by Doug and Sami (+195) 14 years ago
Get ahold of Dennis Young He knows alot about this kind of item and would be glad to help you!
Posted by ABE (+415) 14 years ago
Do you know anything about his saddles. I have one with the number 123 on it. Serial number ? or is it the 123rd he made?
Posted by Steve Allison (+976) 14 years ago
The number would be a model number.