Class of 1977
Posted by Rhonda (+21) 14 years ago
Plans for The All 70's Reunion are coming along and June will be here before we know it. The class of 1977 are still looking for addresses for about 30-35 classmates. Any help would be appreciated in finding addresses for the following people. You can email me with their addresses if you don't want to post them on this site. THANKS AND WE APPRECIATE YOUR HELP.

Virginia Bell
Sherry Borg
Marvin Braunsteriner
Diane Brockman
Gary Brown
Howard Cain
Kelly Camp
Cindy Carpenter
Lois Coleman
Tom Connell
Jon Dunn
Les Elliot
Vivian Evenrude
Margie Friesz
Heather Fredrick
Brain Grossinger
Sue Harn
Sheila Harnack
David Hartman
LaDonna Hughes
Lori Lamphear
Tom Lieurance
Sheila Lynch
Gary Madsen
Chris Martenson
Susan Martenson
Bobbi Moran
Donna Nelson
Judy Olson
Leslie Plummer
Delva Root
Kenny Senger
Kim Slater
Leslie Trainer
Scott Zeitner
Posted by Dana Jablinske (+93) 14 years ago
Hello: I believe Brian Grosinger is the Asst. State's Attorney for North Dakota.

"Google" him for more information.

Posted by Frank Hardy (+1673) 14 years ago

That's Brian. She is looking for his older and wiser brother "Brain".

Posted by Carol Bean (+261) 14 years ago
Hi Rhonda,
If you get in touch with Paula Syring, she can get you in touch with Scott Zeitner's daughter who lives near Scott (Tennessee???)
Posted by Gail Finch Shipek (+90) 14 years ago
I sent an email to Shiela Harnack. I directed her to the website.