Hookers Spur
Posted by Terry L. Gunther (+12) 15 years ago
Does anyone have any information,pictures,etc. on the Milwaukee Road's spur here in Miles City that was known as Hooker's Spur? It ran from the end of the "Y" track that still runs by the State Hwy. Dept. buildings down through the alleys behind the Olive Hotel, the Range Riders bar, Riggs Camera & Gifts, and ended at the old J.C.Penney building. The stores like "J.C.Penneys" would get their merchandise delivered by railroad cars. I remember these tracks still in behind the "Olive Hotel" in the early 60's.
Posted by Ken Ziebarth (+312) 15 years ago
The February 1998 edition of MilWest Dispatch, a newsletter of "A Milwaukee RR 'Lines West' Historical Society",http://www.milwest.org about the western Milwaukee Road, contains an article by Bill Wilkerson about the Milwaukee in Miles City and a map which shows the Hookers Spur coming off the south end of the wye on Third Street, past the 'houses', and then turning east behind Beacon Carter Oil, and down the alley north of Main for '2-3 blocks'. I also remember tracks behind the Olive in the 50s, but not as far as 9th where Penney's was.
The issue is available for sale on the website.
Ken Ziebarth
Posted by Bill Zook (+489) 15 years ago
While working for Miles and Ulmers in the early '50s, there were no tracks running the length of the block from behind the store east to Pennys at the end of it. And I'm pretty sure there were no tracks behind Fosters east to the Arnold block. That means no tracks from 7th to 9th streets in the north alley.
I wonder if the tracks ran to the former MC Star building to unload the large rolls of paper stock the printer required. At least early on in its history.