It's Unbelievably Hot
Posted by Kyle L. Varnell (+3741) 18 years ago
Man it's 85 over here in Seattle and sweltering. From all the weather reports I've seen it doesn't look like this heat is going to let up anytime soon. I wish I was in Miles City where it looks to be a lot cooler.

Posted by Bart Freese (+934) 18 years ago
Now, you may not believe this, but it is true.

This morning at our house the temp. was 36.5 and the weather channel had 37. But, that is not the part I found surprising. At Sacred Heart school, behind the Ursuline Convent, there was a small bit of water and the surface was frozen. Big deal for June 18th in Butte, Kalispell, or lots of places in western Montana. For Miles City, however, ice in June . . . Not great for growing tomatoes.
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+17809) 18 years ago
I was talking to my beer monger today here in Helena, and he said that at his house this morning it was 28°F. Brrr...

And I still have ash trees on my property with maybe 5% leaf growth, due to that intense cold snap the second week of May. How are the ash trees in MC faring? We took a boat ride on the Yellowstone during BHS, and one copse of ash was completely decimated.