Billings Deaconess Clinic
Posted by Dan Benoit (+42) 18 years ago
Goodby to home town health care and hello to big city corporate, no holds barred, run-em-out-of town health care.

Looks like the Deaconess big wigs have spotted a Catholic-owned rival health care facility, smaller than the Billings St Vincent organization, that they have decided they can knock off without any real opposition.

It is really sad that our town decided it was ok to support abandonement of a good existing hospital to build a new one that promised everyone a one stop shopping configuration. That is - a hospital, an extended care facility and a clinic all under one roof. Great, lets build it and prosper was the decision.

Now we have a decrepit, eyesore, health hazard of a former hospital and a new hospital, complete with a nearly unoccupied brand new clinic.

What benefit has the Deaconess system brought our community? Another abandoned (new) healthcare center is number one on my list - what a waste!

I suggest that the building permit for the Deaconess expansion should not be approved until justification for public need is demonstrated.

Unneeded healthcare facilities in a town the size of ours does not drive health care prices down, it just costs us all more in the end.
Can this town really support two healthcare facilities(what happened to K-Mart when Wal-Mart moved into town)?

Looks like money and politics once again wins over intregity and respect.
Posted by Brady Stone (+167) 18 years ago
Well since most government employees in Miles City have Blue Cross Blue Shield as there provider and HRH refused to sign a diagnostic contract with the Blues forcing those people to go to Deaconess for any diagnostic work I am sure that those building permits will FLY threw all the red tape.
Posted by tracy pask (+82) 18 years ago
I took my son to Dr. Pezarossi because he was barking like a seal. Anyway my point is our familys insurance had not kicked in yet, I got the bill and it was $207.00 for an office visit. No bloodwork done, no strep test done, just saw the doctor. I was furious that it was that much. Don't get me wrong, Dr. Pezarossi is great and I know not to blame her for the cost. But doesn't it seem like that is a little high?
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+17814) 18 years ago
It seems extremely high, Tracy, especially when I can dispense better medical advice for free over the internet for your son's "barking like a seal" problem:

"Take three herring, and e-mail me in the morining."

Remember, although I am not a medical doctor, I am an engineer, which is better.