Posted by Rhonda (+28) 15 years ago
At our last meeting, The Miles City Garden Club discussed the condition of our fairgrounds and what might be done to improve that. Looking for names of people who sit on the Fair Board so that we may contact some of them about ideas and how to go about getting some things fixed up. Also, would like to hear from anyone who might have their own suggestions and ideas.
Posted by Richard G Flor (+215) 15 years ago
How about lots of decorative planters filled with beautiful flowers place strategically throughout the fairgrounds and hanging planters in the barns. Just a thought.
Posted by MCGirl (+301) 15 years ago
Geneal Bott and Shirley Rolf are on the Board. Both are in the book. Also you might want to get in touch with the Extension office--they might be a good resource.
Posted by Sharlene (+1202) 15 years ago
There are several Girl Scout Troops who might be looking to do service projects. Contact Angie Lohrke to see if any might be interested in helping out on a weekend to plant or even help out.
Posted by mule deer hunter (+33) 15 years ago
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