Posted by Sharlene (+1210) 13 years ago
We say goodbye to our beloved Great grandmother Margaret Carter. At 102, she lived a wonderful full life. I am very happy and proud to have known this wonderful lady who took in my daughter and welcomed the newest addition in the year she turned 100. She was sharp as a tack, clear up till the end. We spent Thanksgiving with this wonderful woman at Holy Rosary along with our dearly departed Grandpa Del and even then she asked how Sidney and Paige were doing and if she could see how big her girls were. I truly admire this lady and will miss her very much. Bye grandma, we love you.

Brian, Sharlene, Sidney and Paige
Posted by Beth R. Riggs (+308) 13 years ago
She was a great lady! I saw her the week before she died and she asked after my mother in law and wished me a Merry Christmas. She was sharp and always thinking of others. Blessings to her big family.
Posted by poisonspaghetti (+281) 13 years ago
Margaret was a lovely woman with a wonderful sense of humor. I know her family will miss her so much.
Posted by Bart Freese (+926) 13 years ago
A wonderful woman. We always talked geraniums, which was especially a good conversation item in February.