At long last ... (MHSA Football record book)
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6139) 2 months ago
It's taken years of work, a great deal of persistence (and more than a little cajoling) but the Montana High School Association has finally updated its Past State Champions section to include the Little 10 era of Class A football (1955-60), which means the 1958 Custer County Cowboys are now again officially recognized as being state champions (shared with Great Falls Central).

Previously, the MHSA did not recognize champions from this era since a championship game was not played in any of those seasons. Havre's championship in 1959 and Glendive's title in 1960 were erroneously listed as being the results of championship games vs. Miles City in both season, but the results listed were just the outcomes of the regular season contests between those teams. Those games clinched titles, but weren't actual postseason games.

But until now, the state champions of 1955 (Havre), 1956 (Billings Central), 1957 (Great Falls Central) and 1958 (shared by Miles City and Great Falls Central) were not recognized by the MHSA in the same way that titles decided in a playoff were. From 1955-60, league standings and state champions were determined by a points system in which wins were worth two points, ties were worth one point, and losses were worth zero points.

I am also very proud to announce that the MHSA has also updated and corrected its team and individual records sections to include the Class A records and history that I've compiled over the last 20+ years. This means that media members, coaches, players, and fans will now have a far more comprehensive and accurate listing of records, at least for Class A teams and players.

Long story short, several former Cowboys - as well as players from all across Class A - are now receiving their long overdue OFFICIAL recognition for their accomplishments while playing Montana high school football.
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