Replacement of fences along the interstate?
Posted by MRH (+1554) 13 days ago
Is this wildlife related or did someone get some extra funding? Just curious, as there is activity all the ways to Billings.
Posted by David Schott (+18529) 12 days ago
MDOT Construction Info claims:

I-94 - Mile Marker 128 to 152
Road Side
R/W Fencing. Vehicles parked near roadway at times.

This is likely the project:

Project ID: IM 94-4(92)129

And this PDF (if this link works) indicates the project was awarded to Kluver Fencing Company, LLC, who it seems bid $1,433,636.74 to do the job.

Projects PDF -- Search for IM 94-4(92)129
Posted by jimdeastfork (+128) 8 days ago
I realize that it is good fencing, but I sure wish the state would pay me almost $30,000/linear mile to replace my fencing along US212 which is a major conduit for I90 traffic from Whitewood, SD to the Little Bighorn. Or has the cost of materials and labot climbed that much?
Posted by David Schott (+18529) 8 days ago
Reply to jimdeastfork (#384266)
$30K/mile for both sides of the interstate works out to about $2.84/foot if I did the math right. I assume it's typical barbed wire farm fencing and not extra high wildlife fencing and includes removal/disposal of the old fencing.

One opinion on the Internet states:

The typical barbed wire fence cost ranges from $1,345 to $6,075, with an average of $3,700. Barbed wire is dependable, sturdy, and affordable, costing $1 to $6 per linear foot, which makes it a popular choice for farms and livestock fencing.

My sister works at a farm and ranch supply store in Dickinson, ND, and I recall her talking about the scarcity of barbed wire during the pandemic.