Bucking Horse Sale!
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+18474) 13 days ago
I do believe it is this weekend. How about some webcam links, schedule of events, etc for us who will not make this sacred event? Is Amorette flipping pancakes at the Range Rider's museum? What carpet bagger Republican politician is walking/riding in the parade?

Inquiring minds want to know.
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Posted by TheDude (+659) 11 days ago
it kicks off tonight with a concert.I hadn't ever even heard of the headliner.I googled him and youtubed a few of his songs.....not my cup of tea...Kinda poppy like most of the new C&W stuff that I don't like....But I do hope there is a good turn out.I tell the youngsters " Shoulda seen the BHS before they started blocking main.Big long smokey burnouts,etc...goood times.
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Posted by David Schott (+18529) 11 days ago
Main Street Cam

Pickups driven through storefronts, motorhomes driven under bridges with too little clearance, etc. Those were the days!