My nice dog needs a good loving home and some TLC
Posted by Dick Ellingson (+1389) 5 months ago
His name is Tim. I adopted him as a stray in January from Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter in Billings. He's four years old, still kind of a puppy, and weighs about 90 lbs. He's a sweet dog, friendly, loving, and great with my other dog. He sleeps on the bed. He barks when there's a ruckus or a knock on the door.

The shelter said he's a Black Lab. His veterinarian at East Main Animal Clinic, Dr. Claire McNamee, says he's a Chesapeake Retriever.

My problem is that my arthritic 84-year-old knees and other creaking parts are having trouble keeping up with Tim's 90 lbs. of puppy dog exuberance.

At the shelter, Tim had all the pre-adoption shots including rabies, the chip, the neutering etc. and he got a full physical and blood work at East Main as well.

Anyone interested can reach me at (2O6)498-1O14, voice or text. Otherwise, I'll be returning him to the shelter. Good luck!

Hi! I'm Tim!!

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