Posted by Forsyth Mike (+495) 8 days ago
With the rumored changes coming to the Airport Inn with the new owners, I'm curious if anyone has any pictures of the "original" Airport Inn. A bunch of our family went there for a (possibly) final Airport Inn meal last night and we got to reminiscing about how the building looked before it burned down. Many of us were too young to have seen it but I sure remember it. Nice warm atmosphere, fireplaces, dark wood. It was classy. The new place doesn't have the charm that the old one did, but the food hasn't changed much and that's the important thing.

My parents were good friends of the Pettigrew family. We all used to go boating together when they lived in Forsyth. I remember when Tom announced they were moving to Miles City to run this restaurant. Some people in their circle of friends thought they had lost their minds, the restaurant business being the challenge it is -- but they sure stood the test of time.

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Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+18348) 8 days ago
I too remember the old Airport Inn, liked the ambience, but above all, I loved devouring their finger steaks. One of the first things I ever tried to cook, was replicating finger steaks in 1980 when I went off to college, using antelope round. Antelope makes killer finger steaks.

I even liked their cheesy midwestern style pizza cut into squares. although I prefer real pizza, there is a place for the Airport Inn style pizza. Howard's pizza in Great Falls is very similar.

I feel fortunate to have had some good greasy Airport Inn fare when I last visited MC last June. Was as good as it used to be, as Forsyth Mike noted.
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