Take In A Movie Or Take A Sea Cruise?
Posted by Hanson (+3190) 10 months ago
In his State of the State speech, Governor Gianforte said “Montanans overpaid * * * we need to give it back.” Gianforte’s proposed tax cut bill, SB 121, provides Montana families earning $23,000 to $114,000 would receive $53 to $115 in his give back. Those making $572,000 would receive $5,922 or more. So for lower and middle income Montanans his tax cuts might give back enough for a family night out at the movies and popcorn while he takes a sea cruise.
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Posted by Robert Martelle (+1308) 10 months ago
So, doing the simple math:

53 / 23,000 = .23%
115 / 114,000 = .10%


5,922 / 572,000 = 1.03%

Yes, I double checked the math.

Giantfart is not for working class Montanans no matter what lies come from his mouth. When will Montanans wake up and see that the big gas bag is only in it for the rich?

Property tax cuts for big business is a good selling point, but home owners (if you can afford a home) always end up picking up the slack when business property is exempted.

We can't get teachers, because the legislature is making their working conditions so miserable with the legislation that curtails their ability to teach.
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Posted by David Schott (+18971) 10 months ago
Some people might prefer a vacation in Tuscany to a cruise, Terry.
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