Putin’s dilemma
Posted by Hal Neumann (+10381) 11 months ago
A Russian boy turned to his father and asked, "What's this special military operation our glorious leader keeps talking about?"

His father replied, "It's a war to stop America and NATO."

"Oh, okay” the boy says “How is it going?"

“Well,” the father replied “so far we have lost over 20 generals, 110,000 troops killed, countless injured, 3000 tanks, 300 aircraft, hundreds of helicopters, countless armored vehicles, artillery and trucks, our flagship along with other naval ships, our army is being defeated in most areas and we have had to resort to conscription to replace our losses”.

“Wow” replied the son “what about America and NATO”?

“They haven’t showed up yet.”


Putin’s dilemma. If he moves quickly and decisively, then NATO intervenes. If he continues as he has to date, Russia loses. Can he shoot for the long-term, continue a war of attrition, and not be ousted?
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