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Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6121) 25 days ago
Here's hoping that the recipients of this year's Outstanding Wrestler award have the moral courage that the host school and its head wrestling coach utterly lack and decline a trophy that's been irrevocably tainted by having been named after a child rape enabler, sadist, and coward.

Short of that, let's just cross our fingers that the winning athletes aren't personally offended when they're handed a trophy that honors the worst characteristics to which anyone can aspire.

Enjoy hell, Jack.

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Posted by Zach Austin (+23) 25 days ago
So, this is my first post ever on this website. Some people might chew at me for posting this, and hate me for posting this, but I'm going to post it anyway. I'm going to speak my mind on this topic and take a stand on it, even if it's not popular. That's what I do.

I really didn't know Jack Raymond at all, even though I knew who he was. Now, Brian and I don't agree on a whole lot of stuff, and I don't like most of the stuff he puts out there on social media. But I know dang well, though, that Brian has a reason for everything he says. He usually knows dang well what he is talking about. As for this topic, I challenge ANYONE to come at him or I and point out where Brian is incorrect here. He's told me a lot of stories about this stuff, but I agreed with everything he's said long before. I'll tell you why.

It was the fall of 2018, my senior year of high school, when the Jensen news and lawsuit came out. Like everyone else, I was disturbed heavily by it, and it hit me hard. It was one of the issues and topics that I felt the most passionate about. My first thoughts were "Why would anyone allow an athletic trainer with no certifications or qualifications to be employed, especially when they knew he wasn't conducting himself appropriately?"

People need to remember that it wasn't just the era of Doc Jensen. It was the era of him, Fred Anderson, Jack Raymond, his assistant coaches, any other administrators, coaches, etc. Jensen was NOT the only wrongdoer, and it's time people stop acting like it. He was protected. He was fed. He was enabled. All of it was allowed to happen. He was allowed to do what he did to children. But at least he was held accountable. None of Jensen's enablers ever faced accountability for their actions, and that is the worst part about this entire thing. Jensen's enablers are just as horrible and just as responsible for all of this as Doc Jensen was.

I've been told stories and talk about this with other people, too. Almost everybody in the school knew, per what people have told me. So many people knew. No one did a damn thing to stop it. Some people are more contemptible than others, and the responsibility falls on some people more than others, and I'll get to that in a second, but the bottom line is, most people in the school should have known better than to turn a blind eye.

Fred Anderson, as the principal in the Jensen era, was in charge. He did so many terrible things, not the least of which included looking the other way when his students were being abused. The fact that he allowed that in his school, but forbade hats and comfortable clothing among other things in his school just goes to show how messed up his priorities were. When he faced accountability, he chose to throw his friends under the bus. The safety and well-being of his students didn't seem to matter under his watch.

Jack Raymond, besides winning 3 state titles as wrestling coach almost 40 years ago, was no legend, whatsoever. I don't understand how one could portray him as a legend. On top of that, people need to understand he was an even worse human and a POS on top of that. He fed kids to Jensen and made it mandatory for his wrestlers. God, what an awful thing to do to kids. Just awful. He also cheated by certifying kids 2-3 times below the legal weight, and forced bulimia on children, and forced them to be hurt, and sicker than a dog in order to compete. Did horrible things to kids, and is not deserving of any recognition. I may not have wrestled for the guy, but Brian sure as hell did. I would never have wanted to, anyway, knowing what I know now. I'm glad I didn't. I don't know about any of you, but I wouldn't want this clown coaching my kids.

In conclusion, Etchemendy made a huge mistake by naming this award after that man. The reason Etchemendy thinks highly of Raymond was because when he wrestled for him, they won championships and had so much success. That allows Mike to only look upon the good parts of Raymond, and make him completely want to ignore the bad side. He only wants to remember the success part. When Cowboy wrestling stopped having success, especially when Brian wrestled for him, that's when Raymond's true character was revealed. Who you are as a person means a hell of a lot more than who you are as a coach/athlete. I just wish people would get that through their skulls. No ill feelings towards Etchemendy, but he messed up big time here. I still love CCDHS, but that school continues to make bad decisions. I wish they would get it right just one time. It's not that difficult to do the simple and right thing.

Listen: I never lived through the first 34 Super Bowls, but I could write a 30 page essay on all of them. The fact that Brian isn't the only person that thinks this way of Raymond should speak volumes and open some eyes of people about who Raymond truly was. Again, Brian and I don't agree on much, but I will go to battle for him on this particular topic any day of the week.

So again, hate me all you want for posting something like this. It's none of my business anyway. Fighting for what you believe in is such an important thing, and that's what I'm going to do.

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