Misinformation or Lying?
Posted by Hanson (+3211) one year ago
Misinformation again - looking back, before the Administration of the orange headed con man, I don’t recall the press constantly using the term misinformation rather than the correct terms, lies or lying. Today I read an article bitching about the Brittney Griner swap, the thrust of which is Paul Whelan should have been swapped instead of the black lesbian for the Russian criminal. The article was entitled Why Not The Imprisoned Marine?

Paul Whelan is not a Marine. Once upon a time he was in the Marines. His service ended several years ago with what we used to call in the Navy, six six and a kick. That is six months restriction or the Portsmouth Naval Prison, six months without pay and a Bad Conduct Discharge (just a shade better that a Dishonorable Discharge). So what does Whelan’s less than honorable service have to do with this issue? Does anyone besides me question whether or not he was an actual spy? Why is the United States the only country interested in his release when he claims U.S., British, Irish, and Canadian citizenship?
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Posted by K. D. (+371) one year ago

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