Nov 8, 2022 Election Results
Posted by David Schott (+18768) 11 months ago
Nov 8, 2022 Election Results
As published in the November 9, 2022, Miles City Star (Ashley Wise / Star Editor):

Custer County Montana

Registered Voters: 7,188
Casting Votes: 4,583
Custer County Voter Turnout: 63.8%
Montana State Voter Turnout: 55.7%

The following are the primary voting results for Custer County with all 14
precincts reporting.

Non Partisan Races Custer County

Brandon Kelm 2,318 (52%)
Pat Roos 2,135 (48%)

Custer County Commissioner
District 1

Doug Leidholt 2,099 (48%)
Jason Strouf 2,300 (52%)

Custer County Commissioner
District 2

Jeff Faycosh 2,226 (52%)
Jason Twitchell 2,055 (48%)

Custer County Clerk and Recorder
Linda Corbett 2,845 (65%)
Robyn Schultes 1,534 (35%)

County Superintendent of Schools
Carla Begger 3,838 (99%)

Custer County Attorney
Wyatt Glade 3,771 (97%)

Custer County Treasurer
Tara Moorehead 3,974 (99%)

Custer County Justice of the Peace
Mark Hilderbrand 3,925 (92%)

Supreme Court Justice #1
Jim Rice 3,192 (80%)
Bill D’Alton 767 (19%)

Supreme Court Justice #2
James Brown 2,399 (55%)
Ingrid Gustafson 1,116 (38%)

U.S. Representative 2nd District
Penny Ronning 840 (19%)
Sam Rankin 70 (2%)
Gary Buchanan 682 (15%)
Matt Rosendale 2,929 (65%)

State House District 38
Steve Muggli 1,249 (35%)
Greg Kmetz 2,298 (65%)

State Senate District 19
Kenneth Bogner 3,562 (98%)

State Senate District 20
Barry Usher 314 (99%)

State Rep. District 37
Jerry Schillinger 529 (99%)

State House District 39
Gary Parry 313 (100%)

Constitutional Amendment No. 48
Yes 3,669 (83%)
No 734 (17%)

Legislative Referendum No. 131
Yes 2,471 (56%)
No 1,948 (44%)
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+18669) 11 months ago
Looking at those results reconfirms why I don't live in Miles City anymore. Whole lot of MAGA morons watching Fox NewsNewsmax living there these days.

I feel sorry for the normal people who still live there. Keep up the good fight! Although you're only 40% of the Custer County electorate, I'd suspect a lot of those voters are dying of old age, or, in the case of Jerry Erlenbusch, potentially stepping on a fallen rake which would slap him in the head and break his fragile eggshell mind.
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Posted by David Schott (+18768) 11 months ago
Ha ha, Gunnar. I hate to say it, but I'm losing faith in the entire state. And the Dakotas? I thank my lucky stars every single day...

That Constitutional Amendment No. 48 was sponsored by State Senator Kenneth Bogner of Miles City. It seems to have passed very easily.
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Posted by Richard Bonine (+15540) 11 months ago
A long time ago, I ate lunch nearly every day for five years with Steve Muggli. Steve is not what I would call "liberal". He is a pretty conservative guy, mainstream eastern Montana, in my estimation. Why he can't get any traction is puzzling.


I am also highly disappointed in voter turn out. MT was just over half, My state was less than half. The news media rages on about "what are the voters saying" and try to discern the meaning of the tea leaves left in the aftermath. When half of you can't get off your ass to show up, I think it says democracy is very broken. I guess its hard for the media to sell advertising if they talk about the real problem.
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Posted by Amorette Allison (+12773) 11 months ago
At least Linda Corbett won. Small victory but I'll take it. I knew otherwise we were doomed.
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