Winter Tires
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+17769) 6 months ago
I refuse to put on winter tires because:

- This is my car, my choice, my freedom.

- The effectiveness of winter tires is not proven, except by studies carried out by the tire manufacturers ((like I'm going to trust them).

- My neighbor Bob had an accident even after after putting winter tires on.

- Some drivers are already on their 3rd set of winter tires, which proves their ineffectiveness.

- We don't know what the tires are made of.

- In fact, I read on the internet that the tire giants invented snow and spread it at night when you sleep.

- If I have winter tires the government can track me in the snow.

Educate yourself, open your eyes, stop being a sheep!

This year I say no to winter tires!

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Posted by Dick Ellingson (+1167) 6 months ago
For all those reasons, I have done some budget reallocation. The column formerly headed "Tires" is now "Alcoholic Beverages".