Miles City Food Memories
Posted by Karen L. Morris (+2247) one year ago
I'm tackling a new project (despite not having finished the prior ones)--the attic of the attached garage. It went undisturbed (and full) for over 40 years. Not to worry--I still have my list of "watch for" items (some of which I may discover--rather like a treasure hunt).

I suspect I'm not the only one that remembers Ochsner's Eggs.

Like many others, I was employed and learned valuable lessons at the Country Kitchen (example: There is a direct correlation between tips and hem length). I discovered a mint copy of the menu in the attic (I believe I probably have another one elsewhere which had the lower prices I started with.). After all these years, I still remember the prices.

I don't recall the New Employee Manual; however, based upon the box and date, this one wasn't mine. I do recall the pins for the various promotions. I also remember we didn't have to wear the "Get Honey Stung" one when we worked graveyard shift (which I often did). I don't remember this furry fellow, but I do remember them being popular in the 70s.

Of course, mostly I don't remember where all the years have gone. Seems like yesterday (except I can't run as fast any more).
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