Holy Rosary Hellcare
Posted by Jonna Grace Blankenship (+23) one year ago
I am Jonna Grace Knowles Pevey Blankenship. I am here to rip the lid off the vipers nest that passes for a hospital. I am a product of that hospital, born addicted to doctor prescribed drugs circa 1971. Currently the hospital is willfully and knowingly denying care to me, knowing I am in dire need of said care. People all over town have watched me suffer and deteriorate to the point of Julie Krutzfeld almost driving us home from Albertson's at my daughter's insistence after a doozy of a TIA siezure. I was allowed to drive us home as my limbs returned to my control several minutes later, I called Julie to ask for help and for a witness when I received the certified letter banning me from hospital grounds.She eventually got back to me and said help was a available if I signed my sanity away. And I couldn't seek vengeance. Well I am here. Calling you out.

Tell me move or die then I choose die. Right here. The rubble is yours.

The Office of the Inspector General would love to hear your report on how your loved one was ripped away too soon.... or what is happening to you now.
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