A chuckle to start the day
Posted by Hanson (+2397) one year ago
I thought I had heard it all until this morning, on the radio, when I heard a Republican talking point attempting to cool support for Biden’s pandemic stimulus bill. As you will recall, we didn’t hear any bellyaching by the Republicans in 2017 when they passed their nearly two trillion dollar tax cut payout to corporations and the ultra-wealthy. However, federal money to help stimulate the economy and assist middle America in dealing with unemployment caused by the pandemic is another matter.

Currently, more than 70 percent of Americans view Biden’s stimulus bill favorably and even 46 percent of Republicans favor it. Not to be deterred, congressional Republicans are attacking it as too generous, which brings me to this morning's chuckle to start out the day. Desperately trying to justify their opposition to the bill some congressional Republicans are even saying it could be used to fund abortions.
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