A modern day parable
Posted by Frank Hardy (+1719) 2 years ago
One day a frail elderly man arrived at the gates to heaven and St Peter asked him, “What brings you here my son?”

“I was held as a political prisoner for many years before I was finally freed and was returning home to my wonderful country.”

“Something tragic happen on the journey home?” St Peter asked.

“Not until I arrived.” The man answered. “I stepped off the plane and looked up to see my beloved flag waving in the breeze over my homeland of freedom.”

With tears in his eyes he continued “the glorious sight brought me to my knees.”

“Uh-oh” uttered St Peter.

“Yes” the man continued. “Suddenly a mob of Trumpians dressed as horned milk cows rushed out and beat me to death.”

“Well” St Peter said “You kneel before the flag, you die, you communist.” And he kicked the old man in the face sending him to Hell.

Rebelations 1:14

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Posted by Richard Bonine (+15419) 2 years ago
This parable left me in a state of rapture.